You know who always looks good in Balenciaga is Isabelle Huppert

On Monday, fashion brand Balenciaga apologized for two different recent ad campaigns, both the subject of widespread scorn from conservative talking heads and airhead celebrities alike, one for using child models in close proximity to animals plush dressed in bondage and the other. for its inexplicable inclusion of child pornography court documents as clothing. This apology came after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, during which many who were bored beyond measure with their families took to social media to condemn the brand, which is one of the fashionistas’ favorites at the moment . Now Balenciaga — which adheres to vague European aesthetic standards and once advertised on Gawker — is caught in an unnecessary firestorm that’s less a matter of morality and more a matter of celebrities with free time on their hands.

A handful of famous people, some affiliated with Balenciaga and some humble aspirants, have “spoken out” against the campaign. Kim Kardashian, who only wears Balenciaga or SKIMS, said she was “shaken by the disturbing images” and is now “re-evaluating” her deal with the company. Kanye West told the paparazzi that celebrities are “controlled”. Julia Fox, who is no relation to Balenciaga, defended Kardashian’s statement. Paul Walter Hauser, best known for playing Richard Jewell Richard Jewell, made a post about it on Instagram for one reason or another. Not to be “touch grass,” but some of these celebs should have been cooking for Thanksgiving instead of fasting.

Are celebrities responsible for the brands they represent? Not realy. Is it weird for Balenciaga to do these campaigns, especially the one with the court papers that already caused them to sue their production company? Surely. It’s suspicious how many levels of approval this all went through before it went off and everyone was seemingly fine until it wasn’t? One hundred percent. Is this all one giant, stupid distraction designed to pop the collective aneurysm we all seem to have? It’s on you.

But there is one person with whom this has nothing to do, whose silence is not an endorsement, but whose stature simply makes her above the whole scandal, and that is frequent Balenciaga wearer and acclaimed French actress Isabelle Huppert.

Here’s the Balenciaga model. wow To quote this House of Dragons little girl: “Ooh, amazing!”

Here is another beautiful photo of the lady. Huppert in Balenciaga.

Here’s someone who doesn’t post or doesn’t care what it’s about. Just to prove that Huppert wears more than Balenciaga, here’s a recent photo of her at Dior in Marrakech.

Très jolie, ma reine! Anyway, all this reminds you a little of the part of elle where does it turn out that there is an infamous photo of huppert as a child with her serial killer father or maybe she is surrounded by dead bodies, and all of this is being held against her as a professional video game designer? I’m not saying that the children in the Balenciaga ad are at risk of a future Verhoeven; I’m just saying that it’s all very European (derogatory) minus the part where one of our great actresses completely ignores it where it becomes European (complementary).

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