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When it comes to retail, the new normal looks bright in Southlake thanks to the ever-relevant mix of shopping, dining and entertainment. As we hit the peak shopping month of the year, it’s easy to see that it’s been an impressive year for Southlake’s original shopping district.

The future of retail always seems to find Southlake. When the Apple Store opened in the town square in 2006, it became the centerpiece of the next generation of luxury retail. A decade later, next-gen companies like Tesla, Warby Parker, and Peloton have all opened brick-and-mortar locations for what were primarily digital companies. The new hybrid locations were places to showcase products and help customers with online purchases. How else could a car dealership thrive in a space originally designed for clothing retail?

Today, successful retailers and consumers in the Southlake area understand that the shopping experience is no longer just about convenience.

“Over time, the Internet has become all the convenience the customer needs,” says Cooper and Company President Frank Bliss. “What the customer is asking for now is the experience. As a result, we are seeing a massive shift from proximity-oriented stores to more strategic experiential stores.”

As retailers continue to reimagine their overall experience and offerings, they’re proving that the clicks-and-mortar model is more than just a slogan—it’s the way to retail in 2022. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation , nine of the Top 10 e-commerce sites are run by retailers who also operate brick-and-mortar stores. According to Bliss, the integration of online and brick-and-mortar stores gives consumers the flexibility they are looking for.

To this day, when ultra-successful retailers look for the right place to serve their customers, they often find a home in the heart of a small town. The original vision behind the Southlake Town Square development is alive and well.

“While our main client is willing to drive from two hours away, we routinely poll Southlake about what they would like to see in the town square. The vision remains to be a small town downtown that is a gathering place for the community,” says Jason Kasal, vice president and senior director of leasing for Kite Realty Group. “Over the past 12 months, Southlake Town Square has taken the most significant leap forward in attracting more premium retail brands than the project has experienced in its 20-plus year history.”

Consumer sentiment may have hit a record low in June, however, Southlake sentiment continues to pace the national market and record new store openings. Many of the most relevant retailers have prepared for the new normal where physical proximity is essential not only for local satisfaction, but also for increasing awareness and demand from sought-after consumers.

Southlake’s nightlife has also received an upgrade, with a couple of new restaurants led by Moxies and the recently renovated Copeland’s in the Hilton. Moviegoers also enjoy an updated experience from the new EVO Entertainment, which opened in March.

Whether they’re names you’ve known for years or names your kids must have, Southlake Town Square continues to evolve for the next generation of Southlake shoppers. Here’s a list of the best and brightest retail stores now open for the holidays in the heart of our city.


Nike rolled into its Grand Avenue location between Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret just in time for the holiday season. With world-renowned brand ambassadors such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, Nike has built its brand and reputation by providing innovative products, experiences and services to inspire elite athletes worldwide and occasional enthusiasts. The Southlake location, with its clean, minimalist aesthetic, fits right in with the company’s new smaller footprints as it offers its latest products as a digital brand experience for area shoppers.

DTX vault

Located between the Boardroom Lounge and Mi Cocina, The Vault DTX is a vintage shoe store that buys, sells and trades rare and exclusive shoes. The store itself feels like stepping through a time machine, with retro t-shirts, sports posters and a VHS player taking you back to the 90s. But make no mistake – the stars of The Vault DTX are the shoes. Featuring notable brands like Air Jordan, New Balance and Yeezy, The Vault DTX’s walls are lined with dozens of polished pairs of shoes, some of which are worth $4,000.


The athleisure fashion movement has officially taken over the world, or at least the former space held by the world’s most famous clothing brand in Brooks Brothers. Those looking for their yoga wear will find they have twice the space to shop. Lululemon will need every bit of its new 7,000-square-foot flagship location to house an expanded line of men’s and women’s apparel, which includes shoes, clothing and accessories for hiking and cold weather.

Brandy Melville

Founded in Italy in the early 1980s, Brandy Melville opened its first US store in Los Angeles in 2009 and more recently found its way to Southlake midway through the year. Economically and environmentally efficient thanks to its ‘one size fits all’ policy, Brandy Melville is very popular with young women for crop tops, high-waisted trousers and oversized sweaters.


Aerie, which is a shorter, more stylized version of American Eagle underwear, is another lifestyle retailer popular with young women who have recently made their way to Southlake. Aerie, which opened in the former Gap location next to Starbucks, stands apart from its parent brand with a unique interpretation of athleisure, including this season’s velor athleisure set, high-waisted leggings, tops and underwear at the crossroads of comfort and style.


Step One: Keep Austin Weird. Step Two: Open the flagship location. Step Three: Open a store in Southlake. Like Tylers, Torchy’s and others, Yeti is the latest Austin company to bring its wares to Southlake. The company best known as the gold standard for camping coolers and rugged tumblers has left space between Travis Mathew and Peloton. Only the second DFW location for the premium outdoor brand is expected to attract shoppers with its ability to customize their favorite YETI products.

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