Will Smith’s infamous slap is a topic of debate as ‘Emancipation’ nears release

It has been eight months since the world was shocked to see Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars. While the actor has been punished for his actions, some fans are still divided on whether or not he should be forgiven, especially since Smith is now starring in a new movie set to be released in December, titled Emancipation.

Smith recently gave his first interview since the infamous time slapping incident Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Smith acknowledged his bad post-Oscar reputation and worried that his reputation would overshadow his new film, Emancipation. But despite Smith’s worries, some fans were still willing to support him despite his declining reputation.

Since the interview was released, Smith’s defenders have taken to social media, arguing that what Smith did isn’t bad compared to other celebrities who have done worse. However, these actors still receive accolades, while Smith receives a decade-long exile. It’s also important to note that Rock did not press charges against Smith after the slap.

While these are valid arguments why Smith should be forgiven, others have argued that what Smith did during the Oscars changed his image. People were embarrassed to see a famous actor slap a comedian, let alone broadcast it live on national and international television. Those people also reminded defense attorneys that what Smith did was seen as physical assault and there was no excuse for him to get away with it. Even if it was in the name of “protecting his wife”.

Even without knowing Smith’s declining reputation, Emancipation it has already received bad press. Critics have predicted that this dramatic thriller will not be a strong contender at next year’s awards. If you want to see for yourself whether this film is worthy of Smith’s forgiveness, Emancipation hits theaters on December 2, and later on Apple TV on December 9, 2022.

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