Who Wins ‘Big Brother’ Season 14?

Big brother is one of the most popular reality shows out there, but fans can have a hard time accessing previous seasons of the show. Fortunately, two are now available to stream on Netflix. Big brother Season 10 and Season 14 debuted on the platform on December 2. We have already analyzed who won Big brother Season 10, but who took the prize during season 14? Here’s what you need to know.

Big Brother Season 14 Cast

Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling, the winners and runners-up of 'Big Brother' season 14.  The two sit next to each other.  Ian looks up at Dan and Dan is wearing a dark shirt and gray blazer.
Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Before researching who won Big brother Season 14, let’s review who participated in the reality show in 2012. The fourteenth outing featured 16 houseguests, one of whom competed (and won) Big brother Season 10. Another was actually kicked out of the competition for hostile behavior. Needless to say, the Season 14 contestants were a memorable crowd. In case you forgot any of them, find a list below.

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