Wardrobe staples for the winter season

Economically, politically and in other ways, fashion is always a representation of culture. What’s in fashion right now reflects broader socioeconomic trends. Many people believe that the pandemic has made people appreciate simple clothing and wardrobe essentials that prioritize comfort and utility above all else. Wearing really trendy accessories, or buying the latest, seemed a bit out of place considering the way the world is going.

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However, some pieces remain classic and form the staple of our wardrobes. Many factors contribute to something becoming a wardrobe staple, and the truth is that it varies from person to person. We all have certain wardrobe staples that we consider essential to complete a beautiful look. In its most basic form, a staple can perform multiple functions and go with a variety of looks.

In this bustling world of ever-evolving trends and boring fads, we believe in sticking to our basics and classics. “By investing in classic styles, you discover the minimalist aesthetic, streamline your sense of style, concepts like mix and match and layering, and stay intertwined with the idea of ​​building an elusive yet sought-after wardrobe. Whether it’s men’s or women’s fashion, some classic choices are definitely a well-dressed button-down shirt, a crisp, no-fuss t-shirt, a long flowing overcoat, a cozy sweater, a pair of jeans. These items in your capsule collection are a one-time investment – ​​timeless pieces that you can rework for years to come,” says Sandesh Ambhore, CEO and Founding Director, Styleyn.

Style is flexible and prone to change over time, just like people. There are some items that have stood the test of time and helped us create safe havens that we return to frequently. With a simple change of accessories, you can dress up these essentials for a night out or a wild night out. They exude confidence and are easy to combine with other trendy pieces.

“Style is a fluid concept that can evolve, and outfits are made up of a limited number of items, making everyday dressing much easier for everyone. They eliminate all morning dream confusion and provide the basis for any individual style frontier you explore. Simple hoodies, fluffy fleeces, jackets, flexible shoes and good cardigans are obvious places to start the day. Warmth and statement-making fashion are at the fore this winter,” says Ankit Jaipuria, Co-Founder, uKom.

Building a closet with a strong foundation of capsule wardrobe essentials is one of the best things you can do for your style. These wardrobe skills make dressing easier, make your wardrobe more adaptable, and can simply be mixed and matched.

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