‘Twitter is, was and always will be a dumpster fire’: Ryan Reynolds says Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover is good news because he likes ‘trash fires’

Elon Musk played another one of his cards this year, taking control of the social media platform Twitter and firing much of the previous team, including the CEO. Since then, the new ideas he has for the platform have not been well received by users, who are quite concerned about their future with Twitter, well excluding actor Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds at an awards ceremony.
Actor Ryan Reynolds

While many big names have spoken out about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, disagreeing with most of its ways, Ryan Reynolds doesn’t seem to mind. In a recent interview, the actor stated that Twitter is like a garbage fire and that according to him, social media platforms are not that big because they keep coming and going.

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A Twitter Garbage Fire According to Ryan Reynolds

spirited (2022)
Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in Spirited (2022)

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During a promotion for his new movie spirited, Ryan Reynolds appeared for an interview with AP Entertainment alongside co-stars Octavia Spenser, Sunita Mani and Will Ferrell. In the middle of the conversation, Reynolds told his fans what he thinks about the mess Twitter is in right now. Apparently, he doesn’t seem to care about “dumpster fire” not at all, in fact, he kind of likes it.

“I mean, I don’t know, I look at it like, you know, Twitter is, was, and always will be a dumpster fire. And I like dumpster fires because there’s something wrong with me.”

Adding to Reynolds’ comparison of Twitter to dumpster fires, Spenser stated that she was a “fireman.” Now why not dead pool does the actor care about Twitter, given that the platform is filled to the brim with celebrities and fans who want to talk to them? Well, his nonchalance is due to his belief that social media platforms are made to come and go and nothing is entirely permanent.

“Exactly. But who knows? We have to play by ear. We’ll see where it all goes. We were around when MySpace and Friendster were a thing, and social media platforms—it feels like Twitter and TikTok are everything now—all these things come and go, like everything in life.”

This vision of his comes after he joined another social media platform, Tumblr. He inaugurated his account on the platform with a set of gifs from Dead pool, post caption as “Hello, Tumblr.” Fans were delighted to have the actor on the platform primarily used by fans to blog about their favorite franchises. One user responded to his post, jokingly asking if he didn’t have the eight dollars to pay the Twitter fee.

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What’s up with Twitter?

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Now, this might be a question that no one has a correct answer to, maybe not even Elon Musk himself. Musk has made quite a few controversial tweaks to Twitter, including one involving the blue checkmark. What could be controversial about a free tick other than a popular name? That’s all it is. It’s not free anymore. Thanks to Musk, anyone can opt for the tick as long as they pay the $8 monthly fee.

This sparked outrage among celebrities who worried they would be worn out on the platform. Well, that concern has come true as Twitter has been scrambling to keep copycats under control. An impersonator, acting as basketball legend LeBron James, tweeted that he was looking for a trade from the Lakers to another team. This has only made it much easier to spread misinformation on the platform.

Musk is now facing this challenge by coming up with a new color scheme. The checkmark will now be relaunched where businesses will have a gold one, government will have gray, while celebrities and Twitter Blue followers will have a regular blue checkmark. Subscribers will also need to verify their identity. It seems that Reynolds would have been right to call it “dumpster fire!”

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Source: AP Entertainment

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