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Sierra Lesny, recipient of the second ever SEE Ever So Sweet Scholarship, and OTTB Pea. Photo by Sally Spickard.

After the hustle and bustle of the first round of holidays, I’m thrilled to have made it to Giving Tuesday, and even better, The week back. We’re working with our brand partners to bring you some brilliant deals that are also doing great things in the horse world this week, with proceeds going to Ukrainian horse charities, access programs and more. from November 28until Sunday, December 4th, we encourage you to shop the brands listed in this article, each of which has pledged to donate a portion of their proceeds this week to a nonprofit or charity. We also encourage you to check your social media feeds and emails for other brands giving back this week. Do good, feel good!

Tuesday news and notes from around the world:

By now, you probably know that France’s Maxime Livio won the inaugural Agria Top 10 Indoor Eventing competition. But you know How did he manage to win the title in sweden? [Check out the video and see his strategy in action]

The Zone X Championships were held a week ago in Tuscon, Arizona. Three riders ended their season with titles – not a shabby way to go on holiday! Even better? Winning mounts include a Clydesdale cross and an Appaloosa. [Meet the champs]

A predominantly indigenous community in Australia has come up with a novel solution to the problem of wild horses. Although the horses are much loved by the people of Mornington Island, they have also caused a lot of damage to gardens and green spaces in the community – but local people were adamant that culling was not an option. Instead, they created a program that will allow young people to work with horses, gaining valuable skills and preparing them for future careers. [Talk about a win-win]

Are you a fan of hay steam? Me too: not only does it make the yard smell incredible, although honestly, nothing beats the sweet smell of a freshly opened HayGain – but it has a markedly positive effect on our horses’ respiratory tracts. But new studies suggest that horses that are fed steamed hay may need an additional source of protein because the process can remove some of this important macronutrient from the feed. [A bit of chicken breast with your hay, madam?]

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the next one. With these come resolutions, plans, ideas, things to change and improve, goals – and a serious reflection on the year that has passed. Here’s an interesting treatise on what we could all be working on in 2023. [The ‘less Instagram’ one feels targeted at me, tbh]

Ocala Horse Properties Dream Farm of the Week:

Racecourses tend to come with some very interesting facilities and although they require extra work (such as putting in an arena) you can’t fault them for what they have – such as the spacious exercise track , real spa building (with a water treadmill!), and the enormous amounts of space it has. With over 100 stalls, plus tons of accommodation for people, you could keep this one for its intended purpose – or you could create the event training base and run some incredible shows and clinics out of it too.

Look at this:

Excuse me while I steal this concept at Badminton next year.

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