TikToker Amber Mezner Responds to Middle School Bullying Allegations

Published: 2022-11-28T21:53:26

Updated: 2022-11-28T21:53:37

TikTok star Amber Mezner has hit back after she was accused of assaulting a former classmate, sparking a viral debate around the influence.

Amber Mezner is a verified creator on TikTok who boasts over 1.3 million followers on the video sharing app.

Mezner is currently at the center of allegations from other users on the platform who claim he molested them when they were in school.

One of the most prominent allegations comes from TikToker Sunset Makeup, who claims the influencer told one of her friends to come to her school and punch her in the face.

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TikTok star Amber Mezner accused of assault

Sunset Makeup also claims that Mezner made fun of her mental health and even had a “middle school restraining order” against the TikToker, who allegedly went to a high school 20 minutes away and he would come to her school to bully her when classes were out.

“The principal was hanging out of the school every day and every time they saw Amber he had to kick Amber out and tell her to go home so she wouldn’t mess with me,” Sunset Makeup claimed.

Since then, several other TikTokers have come forward with allegations of abuse against Mezner — but Mezner says none of their allegations are true.

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The influencer posted a video response to the issue, saying she doesn’t even know Sunset Makeup and claiming she was also a victim of bullying in her youth.

“I literally don’t even know this person,” she captioned her response video. “These allegations are not true and it is messed up to completely make up a story. I was bullied throughout my school years. I would never let someone down for things I did myself that don’t even make sense!”

Commenters are currently taking issue with Mezner’s response video, with many viewers finding her claims of not knowing Sunset Makeup unbelievable, as Sunset Makeup showed a screenshot that Mezner was in her phone contacts via TikTok.

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Mezner has since uploaded another video asking Sunset Makeup for more “evidence” of the alleged assault as accusations continue to fly against the TikToker.

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