This magical forest in Washington is full of treehouses (that you can rent)

There is a luxurious tree castle in France that delights people and beckons them to fulfill their wishes of living in a tree house. However, if people want to enjoy the US atmosphere and this is the place to be. TreeHouse Point, just beyond Fall City, is among the many treehouse hotels around the world and is deep in Washington. At this resort, guests can enjoy that childhood dream as adults, proving that treehouses aren’t just for kids. When people see pictures of the resort, they can’t help but be transported back to their carefree childhood when they used to climb a tree. The picturesque eco-resort seems a universe apart from the metropolis and has beautiful tree houses close to several trekking and winter adventures.


Just like the treehouse in the Amazon rainforest, Treehouse Point is just the ideal location if people want to spend quality time in the middle of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city or fulfill their childhood fantasy again. So let us advise you on what you can rent in this area.

Treehouse rentals

While planning the perfect Washington State vacation, the best place to experience the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest is TreeHouse Point. Seven incredible treehouses can be rented on site and have a range of amenities available to visitors.

Temple of the Blue Moon

The first tree house on the property is the Temple of the Blue Moon. Pete Nelson was influenced by the timeless forms of the Parthenon when he created the Temple. The entrance is reached via a stylish bridge that crosses a slope. Walls lined with windows inside offer expansive views of the creek and surrounding forest.

Interiors include a handcrafted wardrobe, a study desk, two vintage reading armchairs, a bookshelf and a queen-size bed. In the Temple there is a personal terrace where guests can listen to the songs of the water. Just beyond the door is a small toilet.

  • Cost per night: $400 – $525 + tax
  • As prices may vary, visitors should visit the site regularly.

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The massive cedar where the Trillium stands is 16 feet tall. This two-story treehouse has a cozy seating area with comfortable armchairs that overlook the forest from the first level. There’s plenty of soft natural light streaming in thanks to the 80 individual panes of glass in Trillium’s massive window walls. The loft bedroom, which has a queen-size bed and a significantly better view of the treetops, could be accessed via a ship’s ladder.

  • Cost per night: $400 – $475 + tax
  • It is advisable to visit the site regularly as prices may vary.

Upper Pond

The treehouse at Upper Pond looks like it came straight out of a storybook. This spacious tree house is ideal for a holiday with friends or families with children over 13 years old. There is plenty of space to stretch out and relax with a queen size bed and two single beds. The treehouse has a large deck with amazing views of the serene pond on the property.

  • Cost per night: $375 – $475 + tax
  • Visitors would like to know the cost of the tree house.


The Nest treehouse is a very comfortable retreat. The treehouse is tucked away in towering spruce and cedar trees and features a queen-size bed, two comfortable reading armchairs, and a large screen. The deck, which offers a glimpse of the Upper Pond treehouse and the property’s tranquil ponds, extends the indoor area. The nest is still the only tree house on the estate with a bird concept, expressing respect for the beautiful feathered visitors.

  • Cost per night: $325 – $400 + tax
  • Visitors should check the site regularly as prices may vary.


The burl surrounds a majestic fir that rises about 200 feet above the forest floor. The two-level treehouse is accessed via a long, solid bridge. The varied sights of the canopy can be seen from inside thanks to the many windows and a personal terrace. Two chairs and a built-in worktop create a comfortable lounge area on the first floor. The bedroom area, which has a queen-size bed and a fully functional powder room with sink and toilet, is accessible via a staircase.

  • Cost per night: $425 – $525 + tax
  • It is advisable to visit the site regularly as prices may vary.


Bonbibi, named after an Indian forest deity, is hidden in the center of the estate and exudes regal grandeur. A gently curving staircase with original cedar branch balustrades is used to reach the front entrance. Large windows and a queen-size bed inside help reduce everyday anxiety. The shaded balcony at Bonbibi seems to be the perfect place to relax and enjoy the forest at any time of the year.

  • Cost per night: $325 – $375 + tax
  • Visitors should check the site regularly as prices may vary.

Ananda Treehouse

The Ananda Treehouse, held by two gorgeous Douglas firs, is the original ADA-compliant commercial treehouse. This elegant contemporary tree house has French windows that look out to the breathtaking Raging River. It has a king size bed, a warm propane fireplace, gorgeous fir flooring and walls. Some of the amenities of this treehouse include a personal deck and a partial bathroom with full plumbing. For ultimate isolation, Ananda is appropriately positioned along the perimeter of the estate.

  • Cost per night: $550 – $625 + tax
  • It is advisable to visit the site regularly as prices may vary.

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What you need to know before you go

  • The only treehouse that can accommodate more than two people is Upper Pond. So choose accordingly.
  • Please note that a minimum stay of 2 nights applies throughout the year.
  • Weekends, including Fridays, are available for booking functions up to 60 days in advance.
  • In only two dates, weekdays are available for online booking:

Between November of the same year and April of the following year, on May 1.

Between May 1 and October 1 of the following year, on November 1.

  • The hotel does not allow guests to bring pets.
  • The location is closed especially during New Years, Thanksgiving and Christmas to allow the crew to have a vacation with their families.

Treehouse Point is undoubtedly a fantastic area to enjoy in a magical land. It is quite an intriguing destination to visit in Issaquah, Washington. People may not know that Washington State has its own Stonehenge. So don’t wait too long to start making plans for your trip to Washington and include this location in your itinerary.

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