The Virar-Dahanu railway project will soon be quadrupled

Mumbai: The Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA) has decided to recommend the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation’s (MRVC) proposal to quadruple the Virar Dahanu rail project under the Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) to the environment ministry from the CRZ point of view. phase III.

The proposed corridor is planned on the western side and parallel to the existing line. However, the MCZMA has set 10 conditions that will have to be met during the development of the project. The MCZMA took this decision in its meeting on November 10, although the minutes were published on November 30.

MRVC claimed that about 1 hour will be saved daily in the travel time of 5 lakh passengers and the corridor will serve the requirement of about 2 million people in the stretch from Virar to Dahanu Road in Palghar district. However, the MCZMA emphasized the need to strike a balance between development and the environment.

“The draft project (PP) needs to be cautious with the aim of having less impact on the surrounding mangroves and coastal ecology. During the construction phase, all possible efforts/measures should be taken to maintain coastal ecology and biodiversity. Necessary training/awareness should be given to the trainers and workers so that adequate environmental protection measures can be implemented during the execution of the project,” MCZMA said.

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MCZMA further directed PP to obtain prior permission of the High Court as per its order dated September 17, 2018, as the project involves felling of mangroves. In addition, PP should seek a no-objection certificate from the Mangrove Cell and carry out compensatory mangrove plantations with its consultation. PP will have to obtain clearance of the forest under the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 in advance.

According to the MCZMA, the PP will ensure that the level of noise and vibration is within permissible limits during the construction phase of the project and will also strictly ensure that the activities of the local fishing communities are not hindered.

MCZMA said the PP should implement the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) effectively and efficiently during the construction and operational phases to ensure that the coastal environment is protected. There should be third party monitoring/audit of all such management initiatives by government agencies during and after completion of the project from time to time.

In addition, PP will establish a complete in-house Environmental Management Cell for effective implementation of PME including mangrove replanting plan, monitoring and Disaster Management Plan. Labor camps are not allowed in the CRZ area and it must also be ensured that sewage from these entities should not be released into the sea. Mobile toilets with mobile purification stations will be provided in the work front area.

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