The Property Brothers lose their shirts in the latest ‘Celebrity IOU’

Property brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott they’re the best sports, and they prove it in the latest ‘Celebrity IOU’, when Drew accepts the dare to do a little topless banging with the former football star turned ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Terry Crews.

The sight of Drew’s dad next to Crews’ ripped contours isn’t all that flattering, but it’s all in the interest of helping Crews create a backyard fitness sanctuary for his family’s beloved driver, Sincere.

In the episode “Terry Crews’ Outdoor Update”, Crews insists that Frank is much more than a driver.

“He’s a friend and like a big brother to me,” Crews explains.

At one point, Frank’s weight reached 560 pounds. That’s when she realized she had to lose weight to save her life. Since then, he’s lost over 200 pounds and hopes to lose another 80 pounds.

To help, Crews wants to transform Frank’s Northridge, CA backyard into a family gathering place and a place that will “inspire him to continue to achieve his life-changing goals.”

Jonathan thinks they can renovate the large space in about eight weeks. But after he loses a wrestling match to Crews (what was he thinking?), they’re stuck doing the whole backyard in half the time, just four weeks away!

Despite the rush, the property brothers manage to complete this renovation in record time – and offer some fantastic ideas in the process, which might inspire you to flex your muscles and get your mind up about your own space too free.

Function and flow are essential both outdoors and indoors

Large backyard before renovation
Large backyard before renovation


“What’s great is that we have a lot of space to work with here,” says Drew. “But how we delineate function and flow is crucial.”

“We just have to decide which pieces go where to optimize Frank’s oasis,” adds Jonathan.

There are many pieces to this backyard puzzle: They’re adding a training station, a new outdoor kitchen, and a new fire pit and seating area. In addition, it incorporates the existing koi pond and prefabricated sheds. They should all be well arranged instead of randomly positioned.

Save the cement

Cement board with a linear pattern added
Cement board with linear pattern


There’s a lot of cement there, but it doesn’t all have to go away. It can be remade and reused.

“We’re updating Frank’s backyard with a mix of pavers and turf,” says Drew. “And because the pool’s concrete floor is so massive, instead of removing it completely, we’re cutting a linear pattern and then we’ll put turf in between.”

“Not only is saving most of the concrete good for the environment,” explains Jonathan, “but it also helps with our very tight four-week timeline.”

Proper irrigation is key

Installing an irrigation system that saves water and time
Installing an irrigation system that saves time and water


Unfortunately, the California sun roasted Frank’s back lawn.

“The only area you can’t control the sun is the lawn,” says Drew, “and Frank’s old, scorched grass was a victim of the California heat and drought.”

“California is not easy on the grass,” adds Jonathan. “Some people water too much or don’t water enough and it can get really hot so their grass dies. That’s why we’re adding irrigation this time. The system will have sensors, a program and a pressurized regulator to avoid waste and leakage.”

Even cement slabs need a foundation

Terry Crews and Drew Scott prepare the ground for cement slabs
Terry Crews and Drew Scott prepare the ground for cement slabs


The brothers create four separate training stations under pergolas in the backyard so that Frank has training space with fresh air and a view. But it’s not just about pouring a cement slab and putting a canopy over it.

“This is a training area, so you need to make sure the surface your equipment is on is solid,” says Drew. “A combination of water and a specialized machine will allow us to soak up the dirt so it’s compacted and level.”

Crews is excited to acquire a new skill as he waters the soil while Drew runs a compactor over him.

“Once we’re done,” says Jonathan, “we can pour the individual slabs that will support the gym equipment, and we’ll be done with our crushed granite border.”

Completed training station


A convertible pergola allows for rain or shine

A convertible pergola
A convertible pergola


Although about six outdoor shelters are created, “Probably the most important pergola we assemble is the one over the table,” says Drew.

“The only thing that’s not pretty is when you’re sweating at a family dinner,” jokes Jonathan.

“You want to barbecue, not feel like you’re at a barbecue,” adds Drew.

“Add too much salt to your food—you sweat with your food,” says Jonathan, raising the ante.

Then Drew explains their ingenious solution to the situation: “We have blinds up top that you can adjust for the amount of sun you want depending on the temperature,” he says. “It’s fully powered, so even if it’s raining, you could still stay here.”

Do property siblings deliver?

Remodeled backyard
Remodeled backyard


The property brothers find a way to finish all their plans in four weeks – and Frank is stunned once he sees the results.

“To have this environment that he created for me? It’s motivational,” he says. “I’ve been climbing that hill for many years. It changes lives and saves lives.”

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