The internet can’t get enough of Dream’s weird dream about Noah Beck and Bryce Hall

Published: 2022-11-28T20:30:16

Updated: 11-28-2022T20:30:37

Minecraft star “Dream” has shared his wild dream about fellow influencers Noah Beck, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards … and the internet is having a field day with it.

Dream is one of the biggest Minecraft content creators on the internet, and after finally revealing his face to the world earlier this year, he’s bigger than ever.

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As such, it’s not uncommon for Dream to start trending on Twitter for the smallest thing he says — but the latest thing to make him go viral isn’t a cute photo of his cat, Patches.

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Instead, he shared a hilarious dream he recently had on Snapchat that featured major TikTok stars Noah Beck, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, and the internet just can’t get enough of it (especially the fact that he used a filter to turn into a talking pad, which fans humorously call a “drampon” because why not).

Dream Halloween Costume Header ImageTwitter: Dream

Once a faceless YouTuber, Dream showed off her mug on the internet earlier this year to fans’ appreciation.

Dream shares a wild dream with Noah Beck, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards

According to Dream, he was in a casino with Noah Beck, who – in his dream – was acting like “an idiot”.

“I think Noah Beck is a nice guy, I don’t know, but he was a jerk,” he explained. “He stole everything from everybody and everybody didn’t like him. I don’t know why, but that’s what happened. He was like a cool kid, he’s like the bully over there.”

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Seeking revenge against Noah’s reign of casino tyranny, Dream rounded up all the old men he could find at the facility and launched a counterattack on the TikTok star, knocking him to the mat.

Somehow, Beck managed to figure out that Dream was behind the whole ordeal and started beating him up – but luckily for Dream, the police showed up and saved him from the social media celebrity.

That’s not all; Dream says Bryce Hall and Josh Richards were sitting at a table to his left and warned him that Beck might get out of jail and seek revenge. In anticipation of this, Hall apparently offered to train Dream for this upcoming fight, marking the end of his wild dream.

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His subconscious hallucination later went viral online, with netizens raving about the hilarious dream all over Twitter.

“I missed the part where Dream said it was a dream, so for a second I really thought she met Noah Beck and thought he was an idiot,” one user wrote.

“I wake up and why am I listening to Dream tell a story like a floating tampon about how he got old men to beat up Noah Beck for him,” joked another.

“Bryce Hall agreeing to train Dream to wrestle Noah Beck was not on my bingo card this year,” another tweeted.

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So far, it doesn’t look like Bryce, Noah, or Josh have answered Dream’s crazy dream… but that would definitely be an interesting story if Dream starts to get involved in the influence boxing space. The Dream vs Noah Beck when?

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