The Instafest app lets you create your own festival schedule from Spotify

If your favorite music festival lineup didn’t live up to your expectations this year, don’t worry; a new app called Instafest will create a music festival poster for you based on your Spotify listening habits.

Free web app created by the developer Anshay Saboo, is pretty simple to use: sign in with your Spotify account and it will generate a poster based on the artists you’ve listened to the most. You can customize the poster based on time ranges — the last four weeks, the last six months, and all the time.

You can also select different poster styles such as Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk. The Instafest app also calculates what it calls a “Base Score,” which can give you bragging rights with your niche music choice. The lower the score, the more niche your music festival is.

Once you’ve generated your poster, you can choose to rename your music festival, hide/show your username, and hide/show your Base Score. If you want to remove support for this app, you can follow this guide to revoke access.

Saboo told TechCrunch that he got the idea for the app while thinking about what Coechella’s lineup would look like if he chose the artists.

“I had the idea when I was in bed scrolling through TikTok one day, saw people posting videos from Coachella, and started thinking about how I would set the Coachella lineup if I could choose the artists. The thought process got me thinking about generating a music festival graphic using a Spotify integration and I built from there,” he said

The developer is already working on adding support for more platforms. The site already lets you generate a festival poster using your listening history, and support for Apple Music is in the works. Saboo wants to add support for music streaming services such as YouTube Music, Deezer and Amazon Music, he said, but cautioned that it may take some time because not all of the platform’s APIs are as user-friendly as Spotify.

Saboo is currently focusing on maintaining the app and adding more integration that makes sharing users’ festival schedules more fun. He said that while it’s too early to comment on long-term plans, he’s exploring the possibilities of creating a music-based social network around the festival’s graphic generation.

Within hours of its launch, Instafest became a popular social media talking point. People post their playlist to show off their good (or crazy) taste in music. Saboo told TechCrunch that more than 5 million people generated his Instafest poster.

The Instafest app looks like a mirror version of the Lineupsupply app, which lets you create playlists from music festival posters. So if you like someone’s Instafest poster, you can use the LineupSupply app to create a playlist.

The app’s launch comes days before Spotify rolls out Wrapped for users — which shows personalized listening habits across music and podcasts for each user — drops. So in a way, it feels like a Spotify Wrapped before Spotify Wrapped.

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