The family’s spectacular Christmas home lights bring festive cheer to the Boston community

If you’re walking down Stanhope Way in Boston, you can’t help but notice the bright lights of a certain house.

Anthony Elding with his family Georgina Laight and children Elsie-Ami, five, Arthur, three and Ronnie, one.
Anthony Elding with his family Georgina Laight and children Elsie-Ami, five, Arthur, three and Ronnie, one.

For the past four years, father-of-three Anthony Elding has covered his house and garden in decorative Christmas lights – to the delight of most of his neighbours.

From giant nutcrackers, to penguins, elves, reindeer – and even a unicorn – every window, wall and tree is covered in colorful LEDs.

The lights, which have grown in size each year, were officially switched on at a gathering Anthony, his partner Georgina Laight and their three children held for friends and neighbors on Saturday.

Crowds watch the family turn on their Christmas lights. Photos by Mick Fox.

“I do it because I love seeing the kids’ faces as I walk by,” Anthony, 32, said. “I’ll always call Georgi to make sure the lights are on for 2.30pm so he’ll be there in time for the kids to go home. from school to see them.”

Georgina, 31, commented: “People are absolutely loving it. We’ve had people say they came our way just to see the lights. Another neighbor told us it’s not officially Christmas until our house lights come on.”

Anthony added with a laugh, “My ultimate goal is to be seen from space.”

The family began decorating their home for Christmas and holding a “kick-off” event back in 2019. Anthony has grown the number of decorations every year since.

The family home in Boston, elaborately decorated for Christmas.

It’s a project he threw himself into as a way to cope with recent deaths in the family.

Anthony’s mother sadly passed away two years ago from a rare condition affecting the adrenal glands called pheochromocytoma. Then, just last month, his brother died of a massive pulmonary embolism at the age of 38.

Friend Kimberley Lovelace said: “Anthony has had a very difficult few years but his pride in Christmas lights is a great distraction.”

Georgina concluded: “His mum has always loved Christmas and lights and this project is helping him get over his mum’s passing as he knows she would be looking down on him, proud as ever.”

Enjoying the gathering at the start, from left, are Vicki Laight, Sami Allen, Lou Thornley, Lindy Laight, Jodie Ellis, Margaret Daubney, Bill Daubney and Georgina Laight.
Neighbors visit the family’s festive home in Boston.

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