The best places in the world for a horse riding holiday



7 Horseback Riding Vacation Locations for 2023 and Beyond

Imagine combining your annual holiday with an activity you love and exploring the world on horseback. All over the globe, there are incredible equine experiences to be had, no matter what your experience level.

Not only does horseback riding offer a unique way to experience a destination, but you’ll meet people who share your passion for these beautiful creatures. Chances are you’ll end up riding breeds you’ve never encountered before, many of which hold a special place in the country’s cultural heritage.

In this article, we’ll share some of the world’s top destinations for riding holidays, from the wild steppes of Mongolia to the sunny coasts of Australia. Whether you’re looking to explore remote and less-visited landscapes or looking for a greener way to get between towns and villages, we’ve got you covered.

No riding adventure is complete without a comfortable place to rest at the end of the day. Online platforms such as Rentola publish many advertisements and you will find a variety of accommodation where you can recover after a thrilling day in the saddle. It can be a rustic farm property with its own stables or a modern apartment in the city with equestrian adventures on your doorstep.


Horseback riding has long been a way of life for Mongolians, which means an equine holiday here is as much a cultural experience as anything else. This Central Asian country encompasses rugged mountains and the seemingly barren terrain of the Western Gobi, with enchanting steppes in between. A riding holiday in Mongolia is usually camp-based, meaning you’ll get to experience life as the locals do. Due to the harsh and cold winters, it is best to coincide the visit with the short summer season between June and September.


With its endless beaches, bush full of wildlife and wide expanses of desert, Australia lures tourists with its majestic scenery. Because of this, it is a wonderful destination for horseback riding, with an endless range of options when it comes to equestrian explorations. You can venture into the untouched wilderness of Tasmania, trot slowly through the sunny vineyards of South Australia or laze along the beaches of the East Coast. Australia also offers plenty of opportunities to attend horse care training courses for those who have followed an in-depth learning experience.

Riding holiday - Australia


If you’re a horse-loving “foodie” then you can’t go past Italy for your next equine getaway. This boot-shaped country boasts of magnificent landscapes, rich cultural heritage and gastronomic experiences that are second to none. In Tuscany, you can discover the Italian countryside as you wander between charming hilltop villages, terraced vineyards and olive groves. An Italian horse riding holiday is less about high-speed gallops and more about enjoying ‘La Dolce Vita’ as you meander along quiet country lanes.

Horse riding holiday Italy


of Argentina gaucho The (cowboy) culture is undeniably appealing to horse lovers and a stay on a estancia (traditional farm) is the best way to experience it. Whether you choose to visit the vast plains of the pampas or the spectacular landscapes of Patagonia, you will be completely immersed in the country’s strong equine culture. By day, you’ll herd cattle and venture into the mountains on hardy criollo horses, while at night, you can gaze at the stunning starry sky as you hang out around the campfire.


When you think of going on a safari in Africa, it’s probably bumping into the back of a jeep with your camera at the ready. But in Botswana, you can explore the wildlife-filled wonderlands on horseback, offering a quieter (yet thrilling) experience. Travel through the grassy floodplains of the Okavango Delta while spotting herds of elephants and giraffes, or kick the dust while exploring the bush wilderness of the Mashatu Game Reserve. In the Makgadikgadi Salt Flats, you’ll encounter wide open spaces that are a ‘muse’ for adventure seekers.

Horse riding holiday in Botswana


Nicknamed the ‘Emerald Isle’, Ireland offers unforgettable riding experiences backed by dramatic scenery that includes ancient stone walls and rolling hills. It’s an ideal destination for beginners looking to develop their skills, as well as offering plenty of experiences that will appeal to advanced learners. You can gallop between centuries-old forests and sparkling lakes on private estates, or spend a week on horseback between charming historic towns. An equine holiday in Ireland is as much about discovering the country’s beauty as it is about bonding with the Irish over a shared love of horses.


Portugal is famous for its powerful Lusitanian horses, and the opportunity to ride these beautiful creatures is on the bucket list of many equine lovers. Their gentle temperament and grace have seen them perform well in dressage, making Portugal an ideal holiday destination if you want a formal lesson in this exhibition sport. But Portugal is also a charming country to explore on horseback, with gently rolling hills, wild coastlines and centuries-old cities to discover.

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