The best Dyson Cyber ​​Monday deals 2022

Cyber ​​Monday sales are in full effect, which means many are scrambling to take advantage of major savings events on everything from technology and clothing to furniture and appliances to use around the home. And lucky for us all, Dyson – the UK brand loved for its innovative vacuums, powerful air purifiers and high-tech hair tools – is offering great deals to mark the occasion. Dyson products are often at the top of everyone’s personal wish list, so whether you’re shopping for holiday gifts or looking to finally upgrade your own vacuum, you can save big with the best Dyson Cyber ​​Monday deals.

Now through December 3rd, Dyson is offering up to $200 in savings on select products, free gifts and notable limited edition products when you shop the brand’s website. And when you register your new product at checkout, depending on the model you buy, you can add up to $235 worth of free tools. But the savings don’t stop at the Dyson website: you can also find great deals on Dyson’s best-selling products at various retailers. To help you decide which deals to grab before they’re gone, read on for the best Dyson Cyber ​​Monday deals available right now.

The best Dyson Cyber ​​Monday deals to buy now

Get a Dyson Cordless Cyclone V10 Absolute at 33% off.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Save $200 on this stick vacuum that’s designed for pets, hard floors, and more. When you add it to your cart and register, you’ll also receive $235 worth of bonus tools and accessories. Freebies include a free-standing Dyson Floor Dock to neatly store your vacuum and accessories.

Get the most powerful Dyson air purifier for $200 off

Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact

For a serious air quality boost, this futuristic looking machine is the way to go – and it’s 25% off right now. The Autoract purifier removes hazardous gases, odors and particles as small as 0.3 microns from the environment, then circulates the purified, perfectly humidified air back throughout the room. If the air temperature is warm, the fan can sense it, then cools the purified air on the way out. In addition, the remote control offers 10 different settings for your convenience.

Save 30% on this Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Animal 2 vacuum cleaner for pets

The Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner is a status symbol that’s right up there with a KitchenAid mixer and an Apple Watch. Saving 30% on this Animal 2 vacuum is huge in itself, but to sweeten this Dyson deal, you’ll also get a special hard bristle attachment free at checkout.

Get $150 free when you buy this special edition Airwrap


This special edition Airwrap in vinca blue and rose is here for a limited time and comes with some great extras that make it worth grabbing now. It includes a Coanda smoothing dryer, long 1.2″ and 1.6″ Airwrap barrels, soft and firm smoothing brushes, a round volumizing brush and a matching blue Vinca case to hold it all. And when you buy this fully loaded set, you’ll also get a travel case, a paddle brush, and a detangling comb worth $150 at checkout.

Save 40% on this Dyson cooling and air purifying fan

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower purifying fan white

When 96% of reviewers say they would recommend a product to their friends, it’s worth noting. This Dyson Air Purifying Fan is one such product, and it happens to be 40% off right now. Check indoor air quality and control settings using the MyDyson app or the included remote control. Night mode monitors this purifier and works quietly with low lighting so it won’t disturb your sleep.

Save $150 on the smallest and lightest vacuum cleaner with laser technology

Dyson V12 Detect Slim

This vacuum cleaner’s laser technology detects and removes dust and particles you can’t even see. Not only will you save $150 on the lightest and smallest vacuum of its kind during Cyber ​​Monday, but you’ll also receive a free $70 car cleaning kit at checkout. The set includes a brush for stubborn dirt, an extension hose and a soft dust brush for delicate surfaces.

Save $190 on this air purifier that removes more than just particles

This fan’s unique solid-state formaldehyde sensor is designed to destroy the gas continuously, in addition to removing other gases, odors and 99.97% of airborne particles. The fan’s AirMultiplier technology circulates and purifies air throughout the room, and it’s currently $190 off for Cyber ​​Monday.

Get $243 in freebies and $100 off Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum

If you need a cordless stick vacuum that’s more versatile than the V12, the V15 delivers, and it’s $100 off right now (it’s also our pick for the best Dyson vacuum overall, based on rigorous testing). It has the same laser technology, stronger suction and seven attachments compared to the V12’s five. At checkout, you’ll also receive a set of three tools designed to clean awkward places like fan blades and crevices, and a Dyson Floor Dok that will store your vacuum and its tools in a neat freestanding station , all with a combined value of $235.

Save $100 on our best value pick

Our pick for the best Dyson vacuum cleaner according to rigorous testing, the V8 is a handy cleaning tool, especially for those living in apartments or smaller spaces. The versatile model may have fewer bells and whistles, but it works well on any surface. Pick it up today for 22% off and you’ll also get $70 worth of tools at checkout.

For even more savings opportunities, head over to us Cyber ​​Week Coupons Page to see offers from some of our favorite brands.

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