The Adda sofa from Flexform is a sofa dream

The sofa is an important centerpiece in the living room and nothing matches the timeless and ultra-comfortable Adda sofa from Flexform.

While Italian furniture design studio Flexform is internationally renowned for its vast collection of home furnishings, it always focuses on its popular sofa ranges. A centerpiece of the living room that brings people together for relaxation and conversation, the sofa is the heart of the home and the soul of its occupants.

An enduring quality embraced by Flexform is elegance. From living room decor to living room and bedroom pieces, all of the brand’s creations represent this luxury ideal that has certainly resonated with many of its customers and admirers. Never superfluous or an exercise in abundance and excess, Flexform designs are rooted in functionality and elegant simplicity – qualities that lend themselves well to a wide range of tastes and aesthetics.

Sharing the same vision is the eminent Italian architect Antonio Citterio, who is well-known for his clear and refined designs and a close collaborator with Flexform for many years. One of his masterpieces is the Adda sofa, which is as clean, contemporary and comfortable as furniture can get.

This sectional sofa has a lightweight structure and generously filled goose down cushions with piping that highlights their soft and inviting shapes. Sitting on a metal base covered in leather or fabric, the Adda sofa rests on exposed die-cast aluminum legs that exude a graceful yet decidedly modern vibe. For base and leg finishes, choose from satin, chrome, polished, black chrome or champagne metal.

In terms of comfort, the Adda sofa has a soft armrest and back cushions that slide over the base using a simple and efficient bayonet coupling system. The cushions are gathered with a unique length stitch detail that produces a slight crinkle on the surface of the upholstery. This attribute follows the natural fold created when laid down, creating a distinctive look.

Of course, the selected upholstery plays a major role in both the comfort and aesthetics of the Adda sofa. For this, Flexform offers an impressive variety, from leather and linen to velvet, cashmere, cotton and mixed compositions – all with different textures and colors to choose from.

Regardless of the size or shape of your living room, the Adda sofa adapts to your needs through its modular design. It’s easy to customize a seating configuration, whether you prefer a standard three-seater format to a larger L-shaped format with or without backrests. The beauty of the sofa also lies in its versatility in matching with other Flexform models such as armchairs, ottomans, coffee tables and side tables. Visit to see the details of the Adda sofa and to search for other complementary furniture ideas.

This story first appeared in the November 2022 issue of Prestige Singapore.

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