Take your Apple Watch on the go with the new Time Travel Case from WaterField

WaterField Designs’ new Time Travel Case for Apple Watch offers a stylish way to take your smartwatch, charging disc and up to three bands on the go.

Made of genuine leather, the foldable rectangular case comes in four colors, the company said Tuesday.

Time Travel Case for Apple Watch

One of the coolest things about the Apple Watch is its ability to transform with the simple switch of a band. Slide on a sports band and you’re ready to capture your workout data at the gym or in the pool. Swap out your sweaty belt for a stylish metal band and you’re ready for a toned-down night on the town. Pack on a stylish leather belt and you’re ready for everything in between.

Your Apple Watch band options are endless. However, storing your Apple Watch and several accessories can become a pain when you travel. This is where Time Travel comes in.

“The Time Travel Case is a stylish solution for organizing your Apple Watch, extra watch bands and charger in one handy place,” company owner Gary Waterfield said in a press release Tuesday. “Supple, compact and protective, it’s highly portable for travel and convenient to keep on your dresser or bedside table as well.”

Keeps your Apple Watch and bands organized

Here’s how WaterField Designs breaks down its latest offering:

The Time Travel Apple Watch Case opens like a book and is handcrafted from substantial, full-grain leather. An interior pleated leather pocket houses the charger and Apple Watch face. A separate but included Ultrasuede cover holds the face, further protecting it from bumps and scratches. A durable leather flap folds over the pocket adding another layer of protection and closes on the other side with four hidden rare earth magnets.

The bottom of the flap, opposite the pocket, serves as a place to organize, store and display up to three watch straps. Elastic straps at either end hold each watch band in place and are hidden by beautiful leather flaps, keeping the visual focus on the bands themselves.

The Time Travel Case measures 6.25 inches by 5 inches and weighs 4.6 ounces. It comes in four colors often used in WaterField Designs technical bags and cases: grizzly (light brown), blue, black and chocolate (dark brown). Like all of the company’s premium products, the cases are made in San Francisco.

A sophisticated leather Apple Watch travel case

WaterField Designs' new Time Travel Leather Case for Apple Watch comes in four colors.
The new time travel case comes in four colors.
Photo: WaterField Designs

The Time Travel Case looks like a great solution for anyone who travels with an Apple Watch and wants to keep the watch and a good selection of spare bands organized. And it shows especially promising for anyone traveling with Two Apple watches.

I usually travel with a pair of them. That way, I can wear one during the day and wear a spare strap at night for sleep tracking. Or, for example, you might want to take your Apple Watch Ultra (and one of its rugged bands) on a scuba diving trip, but prefer a more discreet Apple Watch Series 8 for those nights on the town. (Yes, the Ultrasuede case that comes with the Time Travel Case can handle a rugged Apple Watch Ultra.)

Using a single slim case for everything seems a lot better than half-assed it and putting your spare watch in one of the bag pockets, wrapping the charging cable in the main bag compartment and throwing multiple bands in your suitcase where they can lose. among clothes and other shocks.

However, keeping your Apple Watch and accessories safe and handy with one of the WaterField cases doesn’t come cheap. The Time Travel Case is available for $119.

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