‘Sister Wives’ fans fly off the handle, call Robyn Brown ‘Unappreciated’ and ‘Ungrateful’ after Janelle and Meri share how they supported her lavish lifestyle

Sister Wife fans are flying off the handle over main tea Meri and Janelle Brown threw up during Season 17 Episode 12, “Life After Polygamy.” The women made it clear that their earnings funded Robyn Brown’s lavish lifestyle. In turn, viewers took to social media to call Kody Brown’s fourth wife “ungrateful” and “fatiguing,” claiming that her home and family are Brown’s biggest income drain.

Janelle, Robyn, Meri Brown in separate photos taken in
Janelle, Robyn and Meri Brown | TLC/YouTube

Janelle Brown blew up the Brown family’s financial facade in episode 12

In the latter part of episode 12, the focus was on Janelle and her desire to build on the family property Coyote Pass. Her frustration with Kody was evident as she admitted in a confessional that she was using her finances and purchasing power to get what she wanted.

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