RV Rising Entertainment’s new news venture ‘Attention India’ thrives on honesty and transparency.

RV Rising Entertainment is a unique celebrity management, PR agency, AD films, corporate films, film marketing, events and entertainment marketing organization. The company values ​​maintaining complete openness with its customers. Celebrity promotion and management is assisted by RV Rising Entertainment through careful strategic planning and implementation.

The world at large is struggling with too many shortages at once. Spreading fake or misleading news is one of them. In fact, it tops the list. Everyone is concerned about sensationalism, biased reporting and the media. As the globe is constantly competing for higher TRPs, we no longer trust news sources. Despite all this, there are still some reliable news sources available.

It is quite obvious that readers are more attracted to know what is happening in the entertainment industry. Rahul Varun’s news site The Filmy Charcha has become the ultimate source for all entertainment gossip.

Filmy Charcha is a website dedicated to entertainment news. There is a wide range of information about the entertainment industry on this site. Whether you are looking for exclusive film and television gossip, movie reviews, box office collections and interviews, Filmy Charcha is the place to be.

The dedicated team at The Filmy Charcha works hard to investigate and reach readers with the latest news from the entertainment sector and provide accurate and factual news to Bollywood fans. In Hindi and English, the news platform produces bilingual material.

Filmy Charcha has seen a significant rise in popularity recently. Awards highlighting the importance and respect of brotherhood have been highlighted on various news sites.

Rahul Varun founded a Public Relations firm in 2017 to handle all PR related activities. Currently, RV Rising Entertainment is one of the best PR firms in Mumbai. In addition, RV Rising Entertainment plans to make commercial films and launch its own production company soon, as well as manage talent and celebrities.

Rahul Varun has become well known in the entertainment industry for his work as a Bollywood journalist in addition to his acting career. On October 5, 1993, Rahul Varun was born in Madhubani, Bihar, India. He rose to fame playing Mohit Malhotra in the comedy Pagleaazam. Rahul has been nominated for the Mahatma Gandhi Ratna Award in 2022.

Apart from RV Rising Entertainment and The Filmy Charcha, Rahul Varun owns another business or news portal called The Attention India. Like Filmy Charcha, Attention India also offers bilingual news.

All trending news including sections on politics, sports, literature, technology, national-international and more are covered on Attention India news site.

The news portal tries to publish news as fast as possible so that Indian readers can know about the happenings across the globe with a single click on the site.

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