Religious workers can obtain an R-1 visa to travel and live in the US. Everything you need to know

The United States government offers the R-1 visa to religious workers who want to work and live in the US for non-profit religious organizations in the US. This specific type of visa allows holders to stay in the US for a period of 5 years.

The organization to which the visa applicant is affiliated should be registered as a non-profit organization in the US, affiliated with any religious denomination in the US or a religious organization that has a group tax exemption

There is no limit to the number of R-1 visas that can be issued

Here’s everything you need to know about the R-1 visa

Criteria for R-1 visa application

The person applying for the R-1 visa must meet the following conditions:

– Be a member of a religion in the last two years

-Religion must have a non-profit organization in the US

-Find a job with a religious non-profit or religiously affiliated organization

-The applicant must be a minister or a person working directly in the religious occupation

– The applicant must commit to working at least 20 hours per week (part-time)

-The applicant must not work in positions other than in his religious capacity

-Regarding the non-profit organization, it must be one of the registered organizations in the USA.

-A non-profit religious organization with its own 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service letter

-A non-profit religious organization with a group tax exemption

-A non-profit organization affiliated with a religion that is tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) or other IRS codes that does not make it a religious organization by definition

Benefits for R-1 visa holders

-R-1 visa holders can live and work in the US for the duration of their visa.

– They will be allowed to open accounts back, get driving license

-I can study in educational institutions in the USA. They are allowed to enroll in any course either part-time or full-time

– They can also travel in and out of the US and the time spent outside the country does not count as part of the total visa time.

-R1 visa holders who will work part-time in the US in religious capacities may also work in other countries

-R-1 visa holders are not required to stay in the US for the entire time

Persons ineligible for the R 1 visa

Not all religious workers are allowed to work in the US on an R1 visa. It applies only to ministers and those who are directly connected with religious work. Administrative and clerical workers or any support staff cannot apply for the R-1 visa and must go through the application for other applicable visas.

The process of obtaining an R-1 visa

If both the applicant and the organization employing the person meet the criteria, then the application process can begin. According to the US government, a religion or religious denomination consists of a community of people who believe and are governed by the rules of an ecclesiastical government. They also have the following characteristics:

– Worship similarly

– To have a common faith among their members

-Perform similar rituals, services and ceremonies

– To have a common code of discipline and doctrine

– You have religious organizations

– To have a common place of worship

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