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Between slaying undead and collecting as much iron as you can get your grubby mitts on, it’s nice to come back to a warm and cozy place to call your own… filled with heads from all the animals vicious ones you killed. That’s right, in New world you can buy your own house and even decorate it! That’s why today our guide will cover everything you need to know about housing New world.

Whether you want to enjoy the various advantages that come with being a landowner New worldyou just enjoy buying/making furniture or (just for once) you don’t want to be a criminal vagabond, buying a house is for you. But first of all – how to buy a house in New world?

Let’s begin!

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How to buy a house in the New World

Anyone plays New world know that settlements are your hubs. The overworld might be where all the searching and killing is done, but the settlements are where the crafting and refining happens. There you find faction representatives and auction houses. You can also find normal houses there.

If you played New world very much, then you’ve probably seen those buildings in settlements that look like you can enter, but can’t. When you approach those deceptive doors, you are given the option to purchase that property. Congratulations, (just like in real life) if you have enough money, you can now buy that house. But unlike in real life, having enough money will not be a pipe dream!

Housing prices and costs in the New World

Now you know how to buy a house, but exactly how much will it cost? Well, that depends on the level of the house in question. A level one house costs 5000, a level two house costs 10000, a level three house costs 15000, and a level four house costs 20000.

What is the advantage of an upper level of the house? Well, in addition to showcasing your wealth, all the housing benefits we’ll list below get better the higher your house is.

However, you will have to pay a weekly tax. Fortunately, the cost is only 10% of the base cost of your home. Although this can vary a bit depending on your territory in the region and if the company (players guild) that governs the area taxes the land your house is on. If you don’t pay the tax, it will exclude your hobbyists and housing benefit until you do.

The benefits of housing in the New World

You can buy a house quite easily. The question now is why would you want to? Owns a home in New world it gives you three major benefits that we’ll cover in depth in our guide in a moment.

These benefits consist of the following:

  • Additional inventory space
  • Free fast travel

Additional inventory space

Anyone who’s played MMOs before knows the pain that comes with finding that rare item in the wild, only to realize you can’t bag it unless you also drop an equally rare item. Or you can pick up that rare item, but now you’re one point over your load limit and snails outrun you for your next quest objective.

In the New world this problem is even more pronounced. In addition to your weapons, armor, and potions, you need materials like iron, wood, iron, motes, and iron, to name a few of the essentials. Of course, all of this weighs you down and takes up valuable inventory space.

The game allows you to store items at your local settlement in storage spaces by default. This is very useful, but still not enough. Especially once you’ve reached the endgame, as each inventory slot is worth as much as the best piece of gear. Fortunately, every home you have New world gives you extra inventory space. This is a huge boost that should not be underestimated, as you will need as much space as possible to create everything from the boots to the end table.

But how much extra storage do you actually have? Once again, this depends on the level of your house, as well as what level of storage chests you build/obtain (chests obtained from looting tend to give a bit more space). With a level 1 house, you can only have one chest, and the limit increases by one with each level. The storage chests also have four levels.

  • Tier 1 Chest – 200/225 additional slots
  • Tier 2 Chest – 300/325 additional slots
  • Level 3 Chest – 400 additional slots
  • Tier 4 Chest – 500/525 additional slots

Free fast travel

The forests and mountains of New world it may be beautiful, but who wants to walk through or over them? This is where fast travel comes in. If your next quest destination is too far away or you’re too lazy, why not just teleport yourself there instead of trudging all those thousands of miles? Well, in New world there are a few reasons.

First, you may not have the necessary Azoth to do this. After all, teleportation isn’t free, you know. On the other hand, you have to be in either a settlement or a fast travel site to… you know… fast travel. If you’ve checked in at an inn in a settlement, you can always recall to that inn for free, but this comes with a twenty minute timeout and you won’t always be checked in to the inn you want to go to.

One of the beauties of home ownership in New world is that it gives you extra places to fast travel to for the low, low price of zero Azoth. While there is a cooldown for this teleport, having extra fast travel options is always nice. Fortunately, the cooldown is reduced with the top-tier case.

  • Level 1 house – 4 hours
  • House level 2 – 3 hours
  • Level 3 house – 2.5 hours
  • Level 4 house – 2 hours


Finally, our guide has come to the most fun part of home ownership in New world. And that means… decorating! You have all the fun of choosing tables and chairs, without any assembly hassle. Well, you still have to craft them, but compare crafting New world build an Ikea shelf and tell me which one you prefer.

The best, or most mechanically relevant, part of your home decor are trophies. How many times have you killed that grizzly or giant crocodile in the cave and wished you had a wall to lay your head on? Well, that’s where a house comes in.

Each trophy you place in your home gives some nice passive bonuses, like extra damage against certain enemy types or bonuses to feeding, slashing, and so on. However, keep in mind that you have a maximum five trophy slots available on the house, so use them wisely.

The best housing locations in the New World

Okay, now that our guide has explained why you want a home New world, we move on to the next question – where is the best place to buy a house? Just like in real life, it’s all about three things, location, location, location. Also, as in real life, one of the best ways to progress in New worldis to own several houses.

But unlike real life, in New world you are capped at three houses max, so choosing where to buy them is even more important. If you’re playing the long game, there are two destinations that are your best bet for placing your house.


Reekwater is a great late game location. Reekwater’s big draw is that it’s right next to three key high-level areas that you can farm. These are the Eternal Pool (Protector’s Arena), the Lazarus Instrumentality, and the Mermaid Queen’s Lair. These places can be a pain to get to otherwise.

In addition to the three areas mentioned above, Reekwater also has some rare cooking ingredients that are hard to find in other places, adding a bit of spice to this location.

Ebonscale Reach

Touching Ebonscale is another must-see location. By placing a house there you have easy access to several portals which are great for ultimate farming. Ebonscale Reach also comes with its fair share of high-end cooking resources as another bonus.

And here he is with the explorer. Enjoy the sweet privilege of owning a home in New world!

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We hope you found our housing guide in New world useful and you’ve got yourself a lovely home (or three)! If there’s anything else you think we should cover or include in our guide, let us know in the comments below.

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