Must-haves and what you can skip

I know more than anyone that walking into a restaurant like Barcelona Wine Bar can be intimidating because of its massive menu. In hopes of helping ease the ordering overwhelm, I’ve come up with a list of some dishes I highly recommend and others I’d pass on.

Must Get: Patatas Bravas

Barcelona has some of the crispiest Patatas Bravas of any tapas restaurant in Atlanta (and we all know there are a lot). The potatoes are perfectly crispy on the outside and smooth and soft on the inside. To top it all off, there’s a generous amount of their spicy and creamy sauces, creating a perfect balance of flavor in every bite.

A post shared by Barcelona Wine Bar (@barcelonawinebar)

A post shared by Barcelona Wine Bar (@barcelonawinebar)

Can be skipped: Mediterranean hummus

If you know me, you know I love a good hummus, but the Barcelona hummus just didn’t live up to my expectations. It was a solid hummus with the pita on the side, but nothing that exciting in terms of flavor. Barcelona has so many classic Spanish tapas dishes, so I’d recommend saving some space in your belly for the hummus buffs.

Must get: Gambas al Aljillo

Many people have heard me say that shrimp is my number one protein, so it’s no shock that this delicious garlic shrimp dish made it onto my Barcelona must-have list. The garlic sauce that the shrimp is bathed in has so much flavor without being overpowering like some garlic dishes can be. The sauce is so good that I would actually recommend not giving up on the plate when you finish all the prawns and get extra bread to dip in it for a perfect snack throughout the meal.

A post shared by Barcelona Wine Bar (@barcelonawinebar)

A post shared by Barcelona Wine Bar (@barcelonawinebar)

Can be skipped: whipped sheep’s cheese

Let me preface this choice by saying that some friends at my dinner party really enjoyed this dish, but it just wasn’t for me. I found the cheese and its honey accompaniment too sweet, especially when surrounded by savory dishes. For me, the sweetness was way too overpowering, so I couldn’t eat the food in large quantities; since there was a large amount of cheese in the portion, we unfortunately left quite a bit.

Must get: Roasted carrots

If you’re looking for something slightly sweet, these carrots are what I’d recommend in place of the Batuta Goat Cheese. They have a super tasty flavor of light sweetness and flavor that perfectly balances heavier dishes. These carrots are also served cold, making them feel refreshing and healthy, which is necessary when you get a lot of dishes in one meal.

Can skip: Brussels sprouts

While these Brussels sprouts were nice and crunchy, the flavor for them was found in the balsamic reduction sauce, but unfortunately it didn’t act as a glaze over all the sprouts. I found that the sauce sank to the bottom of the dish, leaving most of the vegetables flavorless, minus the few on the bottom that had absorbed too much sauce and became a little too bitter.

Must get: Crispy calamari

I don’t usually like calamari, but this might be the best calamari dish I’ve ever had. It was fried to perfection, making the meat inside no longer hard or chewy, and the outside super crispy. The dish was further elevated by the delicious sauce, which had a bit of spice for added flavor. My only caveat is that if this dish is placed in front of you, then you won’t be able to stop snacking on it for the entire meal because it is truly addictive.

A post shared by Barcelona Wine Bar (@barcelonawinebar)

A post shared by Barcelona Wine Bar (@barcelonawinebar)

Can be skipped: grilled chicken leg

I ordered this dish as a safe protein option that anyone could enjoy, but I personally was a little disappointed when I tried it. I found the chicken leg to be quite dry, its only saving grace being the sauce which provides some moisture. I’ll admit that the sauce was tasty, but I didn’t think it was good enough to elevate this dish to the must-have category.

Overall, I promise there are no bad dishes at Barcelona Wine Bar. However, if you’re looking for some guidance to avoid confusion when looking at this restaurant’s huge tapas menu, I hope my list can help.

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