Maine Beer Company installs CO2 capture technology from Chart Industries Earthly Labs

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ATLANTA, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Maine Beer Company is among the first craft breweries in Maine to implement Chart Industries’ (NYSE: GTLS ) Earthly Labs technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Earthly Labs CiCi® technology allows Maine Beer to capture residual carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during fermentation, purify it and reuse it to carbonate beer, purge tanks and package beer. This is one of Maine Beer Company’s latest initiatives to increase efficiency and, as their mission statement highlights, “Do what’s right.”

“One of Maine Beer Company’s core values ​​is ‘Take care of the Earth and encourage others to do the same.'” says CEO Steve Mills. “CO2 capture is one way we can do this, reducing the invisible by-product of CO2 and reusing it on site. This investment will reduce the greenhouse emissions created by CO2 deliveries, but most importantly it will reduce our carbon footprint.”

The recent Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) climate bill emphasizes the role that carbon capture must play in mitigating climate change. Carbon capture has long been reserved for large-scale brewers, but Earthly Labs has the small-scale technology to make it accessible and feasible for businesses of all sizes. This plug-and-play unit, called CiCi®, will allow Maine Beer to capture more than 1,500 trees of residual CO2 from the brewing process each year.

“Chart is a leader in carbon capture solutions with a portfolio that addresses both small and large scale emission sources,” said Chart President and CEO Jill Evanko. “Carbon capture is an important area of ​​investment for many business leaders in their decarbonization journey, and Chart wants to be the trusted partner that delivers innovative solutions that leverage our portfolio.” “We’re proud to offer our technology to Maine Beer Company, a client – with a great beer showcase powered by people committed to taking care of the Earth,” says Earthly Labs CEO Amy George. “CO2 supply chains around the world continue to be challenged by existing production cuts and the transition to cleaner fuels. CO2 recovery solutions are and will continue to be critical to reducing risk and building a more sustainable brewery.”

About Chart Industries, Inc.Chart Industries, Inc. is a leading independent global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment serving multiple applications in the power and industrial gas markets. Our unique product portfolio is used in every phase of the LPG supply chain, including initial engineering, service and repair. At the forefront of the clean energy transition, Chart is a leading provider of technology, equipment and services related to LNG, hydrogen, biogas and CO2 capture, among other applications. We are committed to excellence in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues, both for our company and for our clients. With more than 25 global manufacturing locations from the United States to China, Australia, India, Europe and South America, we maintain accountability and transparency towards our team members, suppliers, customers and communities. To learn more, visit

About Earthly Labs

A Chart Industries company, Earthly Labs’ carbon capture technology enables the energy-efficient capture, purification and reuse of carbon dioxide from small-scale sources. The Earthly Labs solution includes patent-pending small footprint capture hardware, “CiCi®” process control and monitoring software, and maintenance services. To learn more about Earthly Labs, visit

About Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company is built around the simple concept: “Do what’s right.” This motto is at the forefront of every decision they make, from how they treat their employees, to the beer they brew, to taking care of the world around us. Their brewery in Freeport, Maine was founded in 2009 by brothers David and Daniel Kleban. They were determined to create a company centered on social responsibility and doing what is right. Maine Beer Company is primarily known for its IPAs and pale ales, but also for its commitment to environmental causes through membership of 1% for the Planet.


Amy George President, Earthly Labs 512-680-0142 [email protected]

Greg Shewfelt Vice President, Finance, Chart Industries, Inc. 678-865-9141[email protected]

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