Kelly Clarkson left speechless on Live: ‘I’m so horrified’

Beatriz Colon

Kelly Clarkson isn’t a fan of paranormal activity, which she made abundantly clear after the show’s latest guest had a pretty scary story for her.

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The star was he was left horrified live live during the Monday, November 28 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Showwhen guest Sarah Hyland told a scary story about her relationship with ghosts.

As the Modern family star recently detailed her experience living abroad and with a ghost named Olgathe host was speechless about the story, claiming that he doesn’t do well when it comes to anything haunted.

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Kelly he didn’t really know what he was getting into when he asked his guest about the alleged “roommate” he had while living in Berlin while filming a new project.

Detailing the “very, very old” building she had a studio in, Sarah ominously said: “A lot of terrible things probably happened there.”

She then revealed, “I was moving and putting my stuff in this closet and all of a sudden I smelled perfume and I was like, ‘What’s going on’,” leading her to conclude that she had a ghostly roommate

The paranormal event happened while Sarah was filming Pitch Perfect: Bumper Berlin

As soon as Sarah, who later detailed how she’s always been in touch with the paranormal, went on to explain that she felt like her roommate had been there since the 1940s, Kelly quickly exclaimed: “You mean like a ghost?!” adding, “And you stayed in it?!”

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The actress went on to detail her ghostly relationship, and Kelly was left speechless, later saying: ‘What?! I’m scared… I’m so terrified of stuff like this,” and that, “I just don’t even want to do it. you know it exists, if it exists, and you say it exists, which terrifies me.”

On the other hand, Kelly was shocked to learn about Sarah’s singing abilities

Without losing her shock, she said: “It’s crazy,” while asking Sarah if she had always felt some kind of kinship with other realms.

“Oh yeah, my mom taught me to read tarot cards when I was a kid, it reads palms, it’s amazing,” she said.

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