Kapuso stars round out the Hollywood workout

GMA Network successfully organized a seminar for its techno-creative staff under the guidance of experienced Hollywood cinematographer Mark Irwin, CSC, ASC – his first training held in the Philippines.

The exclusive five-day workshop, which concluded on November 18, was attended by directors of photography and key technical personnel from the network’s engineering, public affairs, news, entertainment and post-production departments, with special participation from Sparkle artists Aidan Veneracion, John Clifford, Waynona Collings, Charlie Fleming and Bryce Eusebio.

Cinematographers and key technical personnel from the network join the exclusive five-day workshop.

Cinematographers and key technical personnel from the network join the exclusive five-day workshop.



With 50 years of film experience, Irwin has worked on a wide range of films including ‘Robocop 2’, ‘Scream’, ‘Old School’, ‘There’s Something About Mary’, ‘Scary Movie 3’ and hundreds more. from different genres. He has been a member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) since 1970 and of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) since 1992.

“One of the things I like about Mark Irwin is that he’s not secretive and he’s very willing to share his knowledge,” said Jeffry Evangelista, GMA Network head of studio and remote operations. “Even with his credentials, he’s still open to suggestions and training people. There are also times when they encourage participants to talk, ask questions and share their own views on how they do things.”

“I would say that one of the strengths that Mark Irwin has noticed in our GMA attendees is that they know what they’re doing. Whenever he mentions a piece of equipment, where to put it and how to set it up, people already know. what to do. They are also quick because they understand the flow. The relationship between the facilitator and the participants was built during the workshop where discussions and interactions were easy,” Evangelista added.

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Irwin, for his part, shared how he approached the workshop.

“Everyone has the skills and experience and how to apply them. This is more of a filtering class and your questions will be filtered through my experience back to you. I’m not this fountain of knowledge that just says “that’s the way it is. , take it or leave.’ I want to apply what they need through what I can offer. So the hard part for me is knowing what people don’t know and filling in those blanks.”

“If I teach someone how to swim and they don’t drown, then I’ve succeeded. I’m not going back to criticize the dog paddle. Keep working at it and you’ll grow,” he assured.

This seminar was made possible through the coordination of GMA Network’s Supply and Asset Management Department with Hollywood film equipment supplier Birns & Sawyer.

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