inCruises is partnering with Brightwell to expand its cross-border payment offerings

By Edlyn Cardoza


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Brightwell, Cross Border Payments, inCruises, International Payments, Commission Payments, Compliance, Atlanta, USABrightwell, an Atlanta-based global payments technology company, announced that inCruises, an exclusive travel subscription program serving 100 million partners worldwide that gives people expanded access to world-class travel experiences, integrated Brightwell’s ReadyRemit platform, supported by Brightwell’s international payment partners. to offer cross-border payments to its international partners in more than 120 countries.

“As companies expand their global reach, we are seeing an increased need for cross-border payment services that are easy to incorporate into customer platforms,” ​​said Hal Ramakers, senior vice president of Brightwell. “However, launching an international payments program is no small lift – ReadyRemit changes that by enabling easy and fast integration.”

As travel slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, pent-up travel demand quickly emerged. In fact, Americans’ intent to book doubled across most travel categories from February to September 2021. With more travelers packing for long-awaited international travel, inCruises has given their international partners the opportunity to earn compensation for the growing demand for travel.

inCruises partners earn a commission for membership referrals to the exclusive travel club. Using Brightwell’s ReadyRemit, inCruises offers its partners the ability to request commission payments in near real-time through convenient options including bank deposit, cash withdrawal or mobile wallet.

“Since our partners live all over the globe, we needed a cross-border payments platform that would allow the company to pay fees quickly while reducing foreign transaction fees,” said Anthony Varvaro, CFO of inCruises. “Managing the internal process became a burden for the team, so we turned to ReadyRemit because it gave us regulatory and licensing coverage for our priority corridors and easily integrated into our platform.”

Launched last month, ReadyRemit is a comprehensive solution that powers global payment capabilities. Powered by Brightwell’s international payment partners, ReadyRemit enables international companies to launch a global payments program to quickly build customer loyalty. Offering continuous compliance, global connectivity, easy integration and continuous customer support, ReadyRemit makes it easier than ever for businesses to generate revenue and loyalty through cross-border payments.

“ReadyRemit is ideal for teams that lack the necessary internal support to roll out global payment capabilities,” said Audrey Hall, Product Director of Brightwell. “We designed our cross-border payments solution to help businesses generate more revenue by quickly and seamlessly integrating global payments into their offerings through a low-code or no-code platform.”

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