I’m a celebrity winner, Jill Scott, who’s coming back next week to a coffee shop job

November 29, 2022, 08:37

Jill Scott returns to her day job

Jill Scott returns to her day job.

Image: Instagram/Google Maps/ITV

Jill Scott Revealed I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! “It’s not going to change her” as she returns to her day job.

I’m a celebrity Star Jill Scott has revealed she will be straight back to work next week.

Despite beating Owen Warner and Matt Hancock to become queen of the jungle at the weekend, Jill is looking forward to getting back behind the counter at the cafe she owns with fiance Shelly in Manchester.

Speaking about her Boxx2Boxx business, she told The Sun: “We have customers who have been so loyal to us and have kept the shop going, especially through Covid.

“Just like Euro, I won’t change who I am.”

Jill Scott and her fiancé, Shelly Unit

Jill Scott and her fiancé, Shelly Unit.

Picture: Instagram

The lioness went on to say that she hopes to get some more TV work to pay for her wedding as her diary is now empty for December.

“Walking into the jungle, I said, ‘Should I have asked more questions?'” she said.

“In my mind I was thinking, ‘It’s almost November, I’m in the jungle.’ Then I said, “Do I have a plan for December? Not.'”

Opening up about her plans for the future, Jill said she wants to find something she likes and makes her happy.

Boxx2Boxx Cafe in Manchester

Boxx2Boxx Cafe in Manchester.

Image: Google Maps

She said: “Say, for example, Alex Scott, she had a media plan of what she was going to do, but I don’t.

“I’m all about being the best version of yourself every day and I always think that tomorrow is not guaranteed, but if you can, do it and then hopefully something will come along.

“The main thing is to find something that I enjoy, work gives the greatest happiness in your life, so it will definitely be based on the decision of happiness rather than anything else.”

Jill went on to say that she is looking forward to marrying Shelly, who is the sister of former England player Rachel Unitt.

She added: “We got engaged two years ago and Covid hit us so I think we need to put some planning in place.

“We need to sit down and catch up on the last five weeks and what’s happened, but obviously we’re engaged – the next plan is to get married.”

This comes after Ant and Dec revealed during the final that 12 million people voted for the King or Queen of the Jungle.

And Jill won by a fair amount as she racked up 57.66% of the vote, with Hollyoaks’ Owen Warner winning 42.34%.

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