Hyundai Mobis introduces logistics solutionsㆍCollaborative robotics that showcases its key future mobility technologies

  • Development of mobile collaborative robots and self-driving logistics robots…an integrated system for controlling multiple robots.
  • Deployment in general manufacturing sites and smart factories… is expected to expand human-friendly robotics services.
  • Robo-wheel technology anticipated to expand the scope of robotic solutions for outdoor uses.

Seoul, Korea, November 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hyundai Mobis (KRX: 012330), a pioneer in the future industry of smart mobility solutions, is introducing robots that can be used in general manufacturing locations or smart factories. The robots will feature a set of technologies that encourage safe interactions between robots and their human counterparts. With its expansion into the robotics industry, Hyundai Mobis is once again strengthening its leadership position in key technologies of future vehicles, including electrification and autonomous driving.

Hyundai Mobis announced on the 28th that it has recently completed the development of self-driving collaborative mobile robotics and logistics systems that have been deployed for pilot operation at its Ulsan plant. Collaborative and logistics robots can be used in manufacturing or distribution bases as well as in service locations. Hyundai Mobis has also been able to develop a unique controller and integrated control system that are required to deliver the robotic solutions.

Mobile robots with articulated arms move autonomously in different environments, such as factories or offices, performing tasks in collaboration with managers. Mobile collaborative robots are equipped with cameras and LiDAR sensors, allowing them to move in different directions, such as forward and backward or sideways.

By far the most prominent feature of these bots is that they are capable of providing mobile services. Unlike general industrial robots or handheld robots, mobile collaborative robots have various purposes both at home and in commercial spaces. The robots’ visual cameras and moving arms allow them to perform interactive tasks with their human counterparts, such as arranging products on a shelf or delivering a cup of coffee prepared by a barista to a table.

Autonomous logistics robots also developed by Hyundai Mobis are low-floor robots that move freely between production lines and distribution warehouses to transport goods or merchandise. The 152 mm tall robots can carry up to 200 kg with the ability to lift up to 12 cm. Using equipped LiDARs and ultrasonic wave-enabled cameras and sensors, these robots are able to identify their own locations on the job site and also deliver materials through optimal paths that have been established to avoid workers and obstacles.

In addition, Hyundai Mobis provided a system that allows the integrated control of several autonomous logistics robots in a single workplace. The key to this control system is preventing collisions and jams between robots. Hyundai Mobis has developed and applied a proprietary algorithm that predicts and controls the movement of multiple robots in real time.

Hyundai Mobis is also developing a robotic system that can be used outdoors. The system will incorporate robo-wheel technology, which was designed to help robots navigate safely in outdoor environments such as slopes and rough road surfaces. The built-in control algorithm of the robot wheel will facilitate various driving movements, including a 360-degree zero turn and side crab driving.

Lee Seung-Hwanhead of Advanced Engineering Department at Hyundai Mobis, said “Under innovative and creative ideas to develop safe and precise robotic technologies. We hope to use these human-robot collaborative solutions to further expand the scope of our business.”

Hyundai Mobis plans to develop various robot platforms based on the basic technologies of mobile collaborative robots and autonomous logistics robots that are currently under development. The project will focus on the development of human-robot interface, robot driving and robot control technologies, which will be used in a variety of fields such as smart factories, distribution bases, offices and households.

In March, Hyundai Mobis added UAM and robotics to its business portfolio as part of its initiative to secure long-term growth engines, simultaneously announcing its aim to scale the business model to encompass the growth areas of the next generation. (The end)

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