How to Watch ‘Slow Horses’ Series 2 (Free)

It was one of the sleeper hits of 2022, and now the story of second-rate spies done right is back on our screens, just in time for some festive spy action.

The first season of Slow horses was a stellar vehicle for the towering talents of Oscar winners Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott Thomas, as well as Jack Lowden, Olivia “Ooh, stunning!” Cooke and Dustin Demri-Burns, among others.

The trailer for the next installment has dropped, which means the actual series isn’t far off now. Here’s how to sign up for Apple TV+ for exactly zero of your money:

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What is it about?

Slow horses is a play on Slough House, a fictional building where MI5 agents who have gone astray are sent to work. Written as part of 2010 Slough House series of novels by Mick Herron, as Jackson Lamb (Oldman) explains in the first series: β€œAt Slough House they only send the hecklers and I have to be honest, working with you guys was the lowest point of a disappointment. Career.” Thanks boss!

Lamb then tries to make sure their new boring, paper-pushing roles are so boring that they quit, but then drama ensues and the group is forced to band together to defeat forces that threaten national security.

What’s the big idea for series two?

The story is based on the second book in Herron’s series: Dead lions. And after an explosive series one finale, we’re back in Slough for a brand new six-parter about the people MI5 would rather forget. However, some long-lost Cold War secrets are revealed and a team of Russian sleeper agents is reactivated, drawing the Slow Horses and engaging them in action. Can they manage to prevent a terrorist attack on the UK again this time? Well, they will try.

Oldman, Scott Thomas and Lowden return in their regular roles, as do Saskia Reeves, Christopher Chung and Freddie Fox, and look for new faces such as The crownJonathan Pryce, Aimee-Ffion Edwards and Kadiff Kirwan also star.

How to track Slow horses season 2 free

All six episodes will be available to stream on Apple TV+ starting December 2nd, allowing you to watch the entire series in one go. So anytime after that, sign up for Apple TV+ Seven-day free trial of the servicewhich also allows you to streamline it into one episode every night, if that’s how you prefer to watch your prestige dramas.

But if you need to upgrade to an iPhone or any other Apple device β€” or bought one in the last 90 days β€” you’ll get three months of Apple TV+ for free, which gives you plenty of time to try some of them out, too. the increasingly impressive back catalog of original thrillers the streamer has to offer.

Slow horses series 2 starts on Apple TV+ from December 2.

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