Happy Birthday Tanuj Virwani! Revealing the OTT star’s fitness secrets

Happy Birthday Tanuj Virwani! Revealing the OTT star’s fitness secrets

November 29, 2022, 02:30
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Happy Birthday Tanuj Virwani!  Revealing the OTT star's fitness secrets
Tanuj Virwani is as fit as a fiddler

The Purani jeans the actor turns 36 today.

From the game of a top cricketer Inside Edge to a former mayor in Cartel, Tanuj Virwani is an admired name for his exceptional performance on screen.

Not just that, the OTT king also garners love and attention for his ripped physique, making him among the fittest talents in Bollywood.

On his birthday, let’s see what keeps him in shape.

Virwani is quite disciplined when it comes to fitness

During an interview, Virwani revealed that he is very disciplined and dedicated to his fitness routine. He focuses on every muscle in his body during training.

In fact, he works on different body parts every day, which gives him a chance to recover and keep his training sessions more interesting.

He usually indulges in weight training and cardio exercises.

The “One Night Stand” actor makes sure to exercise while traveling

Most of us usually skip our fitness regimen while traveling. However, this was never the case for Virwani.

In an interview, the boyfriend said that he walks and bikes a lot when he travels or shoots outdoors. This also helps him explore the destination on foot.

He says we should balance what they eat and how much they exercise.

It’s always mind over matter for the ‘Poison’ star.

To prepare for his role as Vayu Raghvan in Inside Edge the actor once revealed that he tried to follow veganism like Virat Kohli.

The actor wanted to look fit like a fiddler to play the role of a cricketer but faced many challenges while pursuing the lifestyle.

Gradually, he mentally conditioned himself to believe that if Kohli can do it, he can too.

He does not advocate crash diets and emphasizes adequate sleep

In this age of fitness and instant gratification, Virwani doesn’t recommend crash diets and encourages people to kick their vices.

Instead, he says they should focus on getting adequate sleep and good nutrition to stay in shape.

Additionally, he suggests eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, skipping the supplements, and setting realistic fitness goals to achieve them.

A section of Bollywood follows a low-carb, preservative-free diet

Coming to Virwani’s diet plan, the actor follows a strict low-carb diet to stay fit.

His meals usually include plenty of vegetables, egg whites and a good amount of protein.

Additionally, skip spicy foods and offerings high in artificial sweeteners and preservatives as they are not good for your health.

Chaatmutton biryaniand steak burger are his favorite foods.

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