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Free Movies City of Perth Northbridge Piazza & Superscreen continues with its midweek and weekend films and live entertainment which takes on a seasonal flavor in December with Festive Flicks.

Curator David Downie has welcomed the return of the city’s outdoor cinema season to Northbridge’s dedicated community space after Festive Flicks’ three-year hiatus. For the budget-conscious activity planner, he added that there is even more to offer at the Piazza this month.

“A stop on the city’s Christmas Light Trail is here too, so you can make an evening of it; enjoy festive entertainment and a film and experience the lights too, all for free,” said Downie.

With the Free Flicks for Kids weekend screenings proving to be the most popular, it’s recommended that you arrive early to settle into the cozy Piazza beanbags and enjoy live pre-film entertainment from the magicians , favorite local musicians and, closer to Christmas, even a visit from Santa.

Adults looking for a mid-week respite can tune in to live local music before enjoying a romantic comedy, a buddy flick or a cult classic at Date Night, Wednesdays through December 21. Celebrating love in all its cinematic forms, it’s the perfect excuse to escape the silly season for dinner and a movie.

A special Friday edition of December’s Date Night (23) sees the small screen classic Seinfeld like the big movie with a 3-episode marathon celebrating Festivus, the secular holiday that stems from the show becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

In a true Festivus miracle, acclaimed local singer Mike DeGrussa was secured to provide the pre-film entertainment, playing the Korg keyboard model used for the show’s iconic theme music.

You’ll be spoiled for choice exploring the neighborhood’s food and drink options before and after – there’s something for every taste and budget – or bring a picnic or takeout from one of the nearby restaurants, including Northbridge Brewing Co. next door, offering a $15 to-go pizza special.

“We’re delighted to be giving people free, family-friendly reasons to come and enjoy Northbridge, but with funding for a 2023 season TBC, I’d get your free outdoor film fix while you can!” Downie said.

For more on the City of Perth Northbridge Piazza & Superscreen’s Spring/Summer 2022 film season, visit visitperth.com.

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