Exclusive Interview Part 2 – The New Age of African Comics and Movies

Peter: “Yes, our comics completely sell out during these comics. There is a huge appetite from people across cultural, gender and age demographics who love these stories. To answer your question, we actually have a multi-universe. I personally don’t like a single story universe because it kind of limits you to just a few perspectives. I prefer to offer different perspectives on African heritage because there are so many stories to tell.

We start with regular comic book issues to start the process or journey to the story arc, then the ones that don’t have a short comic series endpoint, we turn them into graphic novels. I will share just a few, but we have others on our website. We have mainly mature titles and a few children’s titles.


I would point out THE CHRONICLES OF THE NEW-BORN: THE REARING OF THE TREE, which showcases MANY African cultures and heritages in one universe. This reading will give you a massive assimilation of African heritage and of this world, spin-off. Mlezi are guardians created by the ancients to protect humanity from extreme and celestial threats.




CHAYOMA (pronounced Chah yoh ma) is an epic medieval fantasy built around methodologies from East Africa. It’s like Red Sonja meets Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Conan the Barbarian. So if you are familiar with these, you know it will be very hard and interesting. She is one of the characters in NEWBORN, so this is a complete epic story focused on her, as she plays a pivotal role in the entire Newborn saga. We have deities and demigods from that era, and our fantasy world aesthetic is inspired by the times.


MBUZE (pronounced Ehm booh zey) focuses on a character from the NEW BORN series whose family was murdered in cold blood by devastating robbers and goes on a path of revenge. It is a story based on the ancient Kingdom of Kongo, which was founded by Lukeni Lua Nim and is today located in northern Angola, Cabinda, the Republic of Congo and the western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


DI ICHE (pronounced Dee eeh chey) is a modern action crime drama set on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. We also use the local Igbo language with translation for readers.



OLAJU: THE BRAND OF ORIGIN (OLAJU pronounced Oh lah joo) is another favorite that our fans are excited about with great anticipation. It is a colorful, visually stunning story about the legendary Nigerian tree people (in Igbo they are called Nkuru Osisi (pronounced En koo roo Oh, see see). This would make an amazing animated film! After their great priest decides to take control of creation itself, three young planters of the tree people go through perilous deeds and rise above their original goal to achieve the impossible in saving the earth and existence itself.


Another title is PRESENTATION . In the turmoil of Paradise City, a shadowy organization is close to revolutionizing a new type of biological weapon on the black arms market. Under the guise of an entertainment media outfit, they created the perfect testing ground in the form of a live fighting tournament. In the midst of all this, a young out-of-towner who arrives in the big city in search of his brother crosses paths with a laid-off police detective who is undercover on a case involving the disappearance of an old colleague of hers. The two become an unlikely pair as their paths lead them to the live fighting tournament. . .Confrontation!


And last but not least, it is a family favorite, Amazing TEK-KIDS. In the distant future, an evil Nigerian scientist bent on world domination has broken the quantum theory of spacetime and created a real time machine. His intention is to reverse the reality of the past so that he can reign supreme in the future. . .But a group of young cadets from an elite special tactics division of the Nigerian police force jump in with him to put an end to his wicked campaign. Equipped with futuristic gadgets and abilities, they are launched into a relaxing chase against the mad doctor. This would be a super fun cartoon series!

Readers can enjoy browsing Peda’s books online for free, then order collectible hard copies directly from their website www.pedaentertainment.com. Find them on Instagram at @pedacomics, on TikTok at @pedaentertainment and Facebook at pedacomics. And be sure to check out Peter and his crew at comic cons!

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