Every celebrity joke and reference in the glass onion

Glass Onion: A Knives Mystery is Rian Johnson’s latest hilarious whodunit, and some of its funniest moments come from the jokes and celebrity references in the film. While Glass onion is a sequel to Johnson’s 2019 mystery Knives out, the only returning character is Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc. This time, Blanc heads to Greece with a group of wealthy friends who have been invited to a murder mystery party hosted by Miles Bron at the Glass Onion mansion on his private island in Greece.


Daniel Craig is joined by an ensemble cast for Glass onion including Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe and Dave Bautista – but it is Glass onionHis celebrity references and cameos that make for some of the most memorable moments. Rian Johnson is known for including his famous friends in his films, with shaun of the dead director Edgar Wright appearing as a Resistance soldier in Star Wars: The Last Jediand this trend continues in Glass onion along with name drops of some of Hollywood’s most famous actors. Here’s every celebrity joke and reference Glass Onion: A Knives Mystery.

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Among Us Friends by Benoit Blanc

Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Benoit Blanc feels lost without an interesting case to solve, so his closest friends distract him with a game of Among Us on a Zoom call. But Blanc’s friends from Knives out 2 The plot is not for everyone – he is joined by actor Angela Lansbury, legendary composer Stephen Sondheim, NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and actor Natasha Lyonne. The short cameos make for a bizarrely hilarious scene that sees the group trying to cheer Blanc up and Glass onion marks the final posthumous roles for both Lansbury and Sondheim.

All four of Benoit Blanc’s friends have a connection to the crime mystery genre. Most famously, Angela Lansbury played detective Jessica Fletcher Murder, she wrote and Miss Marple inside The mirror broke. Stephen Sondheim co-wrote Whodunnit The last of SheilaKareem Abdul-Jabbar has co-written several Mycroft Holmes novels, and Natasha Lyonne is set to star in Rian Johnson’s upcoming mystery comedy series. Poker face.

Yo-Yo Ma helps open Miles’ mystery box

Yo-Yo Man in the documentary The Music of Strangers

Miles (Edward Norton) sends each of his friends a personalized puzzle box that has several games to go through before an invitation to the glass onion is revealed. Birdie (Kate Hudson) isn’t much help with the puzzles, but Yo-Yo Ma is in attendance at her COVID-19 rule-breaking party to help solve a classical music issue. Mother’s aspect is Glass onionHis most surprising cameo, given the cellist’s sparse filmography, but it’s a funny moment.

Ethan Hawke as The Efficient Man

Ethan Hawke as Goodnight Robicheaux in The Magnificent Seven

Ethan Hawke appears in another of the Glass onionhis cameos. Known as the “Efficient Man,” Hawke’s character greets guests as they wait for their boat to visit Miles’ island and sprays the group with a substance that eliminates COVID-19. Having such a major current actor as Ethan Hawke appear in such a minor role is a comedic moment, and Rian Johnson revealed that his appearance only came about because Hawke happened to be in Europe while filming the MCU . Knight of the Moon.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the hourly Dong

Joseph Gordon-Levitt The Dark Knight Rises

The easiest celebrity joke to miss Glass Onion: A Knives Mystery is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cameo. When Benoit Blanc and Miles’ guests arrive at the billionaire’s private island, they hear a loud “dong” that Miles reveals plays on the hour, every hour. Gordon-Levitt appears to be voicing the hourly dong, continuing his trend of appearing in every Rian Johnson movie.

Jared Leto’s Hard Kombucha

Jared Leto

Not all celebrity jokes in the movie involve Knives out 2 cameos. By Miles’ pool, his friends indulge in Jared Leto’s Hard Kombucha, which is 9% alcohol, and later prompts Andi (Monáe) to get drunk. Glass onion. Although Jared Leto’s Hard Kombucha is a fictional creation of Rian Johnson, it’s the perfect phrase to hear Benoit Blanc say in his Southern accent.

Hugh Grant as Benoit Blanc’s partner

Hugh Grant smiling in The Gentlemen

Another A list Glass onion the cameo comes in the form of Hugh Grant. Half way Knives out 2 it is revealed that Benoit Blanc’s domestic partner Phillip is played by Grant. As is the appearance of Ethan Hawke, with Grant having such a small supporting role in Glass onion it’s the opposite of the main characters he usually plays, making for a brief but funny moment.

Jeremy Renner’s Hot Sauce

Willaim Brandt looks confused in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

Another fictitious product created for Glass onion the movie is Jeremy Renner’s Hot Sauce. A common theme of recent Knives out the mystery is that Miles is using other people’s fame and glamor to raise his own name, and he’s doing it again by bragging about Jeremy Renner’s exclusive line of hot sauce that he owns. Unlike Jared Leto’s Hard Kombucha, Jeremy Renner’s hot sauce plays a vital role in the film’s ending. Glass onion.

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Serena Williams Personal Trainer

Serena Williams in Pixels

Adding to the star power a Glass onion is a brief appearance by Serena Williams. The 23-time Grand Slam winner is one of the biggest sports stars of the 21st century, but is relegated to Miles’ online personal trainer in Knives out continuing the shock of Benoit Blanc and Andi talking to Williams as they discuss their plan to find his killer in the Glass Onion’s huge hall. Glass Out: A Knives Out Mystery The regular use of celebrities such as Serena Williams creates hilarious moments that add to the excitement of Benoit Blanc’s latest case.

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