Entertainment News | Raveena says Forest Department jeep was on track after Satpura Reserve official started survey for video

Mumbai, Nov 30 (PTI) Actor Raveena Tandon on Wednesday said she was traveling in a jeep authorized by the forest department which did not deviate from the designated ‘tourist track’ after Satpura Tiger Reserve authorities launched an inquiry into a video purportedly showed her in a vehicle driving near a tigress in the protected area.

Tandon, who visited the reserve on November 22, in a tweet said she was accompanied on the safari by trained guides and drivers provided by the department.

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Sharing a November 25 video report by a local news channel, the actor said on Twitter, “#satpuratigerreserve [email protected] reports. A tiger approaches the deputy ranger’s bike.

“You can never predict when and how the tigers will react. It is a Forest Department authorized vehicle with their guides and drivers who are trained to know their limits and legalities (sic).”

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According to Tandon, she and the other passengers sat quietly and watched the tiger move on.

“I was on the tourist path, which these tigers mostly cross. And also Katy the tigress in this video is used to approaching vehicles and growling,” she said.

Tigers are the kings where they walk, she wrote in another tweet, adding that they are “silent spectators”.

“Any sudden movement can startle them too,” added the 48-year-old actor.

The video, which surfaced on social media, showed the safari vehicle getting close to the tigress. In the clip, camera shutters can be heard popping and a tiger is seen roaring at them in the reserve located in Madhya Pradesh’s Narmadapuram district.

Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) of Forest Dheeraj Singh Chouhan said on Tuesday, following the directives of senior officials, an inquiry has been started into the alleged incident.

He said during Tandon’s visit to the reserve, her vehicle allegedly came close to the tigress.

The driver of the vehicle and the officials there will be served notice and questioned, the official said.

The inquiry report will be submitted to senior officials for further action, he said.

Tandon shared the pictures of her visit to the Satpura Tiger Reserve on her social media handles. She also posted the pictures of tigers that she clicked during her visit to the reserve.

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