Enjoy the holiday classic “White Christmas” at MAC this week

Three sold-out musicals later, and the Mineral Area Fine Arts Theater Department is poised to wrap up, hopefully, a fourth.

The cast of “White Christmas” brings a timeless holiday classic to life on the stage of the Mineral Area College Fine Arts Theater. The event takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 19:00 and on Sunday at 15:00. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at mafinearts.org under the theater productions tab.

MAFAA’s winter production of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” is based on the beloved film starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney.

Theater director Jason Carr said this show was fun but challenging.

The cast dealt with intermittent illnesses, mostly flu and colds. It seemed like at least one cast member was gone for days at a time.

People read and…

“This time of year, everyone has conflicts,” he said. “It’s difficult to improve a scene when people are missing and someone else is reading their part. But it’s all part of it.”

He said the actors worked hard to prepare the show for their audience.

Lighting and live band will be incorporated during final rehearsals this week to bring the show to life. Then all the things that Carr envisioned when the production was still in the planning stages come to that magical moment when it all comes together.

Of the nearly 40 people in the cast, almost all are returning participants who enjoy being a part of MAFAA’s theater program and continue to return for future productions.

“There’s a lot of talent in this cast,” he said. “Pay attention to the band, singing, dancing and acting in this show. It will probably be something that gives you goosebumps.”

As a theater director, Carr said there are few greater feelings than when all these things “click” in rehearsal.

He especially enjoyed the chemistry and camaraderie of everyone involved in “White Christmas.”

“This cast has a pretty special chemistry that shows on and off the stage,” he said. “Many friends were made, and theater friendships usually stand the test of time.”

As for the specifics of this musical, Macey Vandiver and Janna Hagerty with MPact Studios completed all of the choreography.

“They really did something special, because this show has incredible dancing,” Carr said.

He explained how only a few of the cast members have moved on to dance, and the dances are difficult but fun for the cast and audience.

Set construction for this show was limited due to the amount of dancing by a large group.

“The audience will understand the stage locations thanks to some ingenious lighting and props,” Carr said. “I wanted to keep it very clean and elegant.”

Trailer for “The Hip Hop Nutcracker” with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Viktor White, Stephen Boss, Allison Holker, Tiler Peck

The “White Christmas” cast includes Michael Cantrell as Bob Wallace; Regan Means as Phil Davis; Beth Francis as Betty Haynes; Destiny Matysik as Judy Haynes; Zabien Gusman as General Henry Waverly; Jennifer Stokes as Martha Watson; Jersey Hagerty as Susan Waverly; Andrew Russell as Ralph Sheldrake; London Miscisin as Rita; Sarah Politte as Rhoda; Sophie Haferkamp as Ezekiel Foster and Snoring Man; Jackson Follis as Mike; Christon Hahn as Tessie/Ralph’s cook/secretary; Ashton Dane as Jimmy; Adrianna Penrose as the cigarette girl; Aubry Hancock as Mrs. Snoring Man; Sam Konzelmann as Train Driver/Scooter/Regency Camera Crane; Olivia Corcoran as the Dance Captain; Abby Kahn and Ryley Headey as the seamstresses; and Henry Konzelmann as Ed Sullivan Announcer.

Ensemble and dancers include Trenton Kelley, Kian Garrity, Penelope Cureton, Olivia Corcoran, Sam Konzelmann, London Miscisin, Adrianna Penrose, Sarah Politte, Payton Miller, Henry Konzelmann, Ryley Heady, Mackenzie Cureton, Claire Francis, Cadence Elders, Hannah Politte, Selah Martin, Konrad Meyer, Katara Corcoran, Taya Watts, Trenton Kelly, and Christon Hahn.

The team includes Jason Carr, director; Annette Gratton, stage manager; Ashlyn Webb, assistant stage manager; Sherry Francis, vocal director; Macey Vandiver, Janna Hagerty and Jersey Hagerty, choreography; Amanda Dement, band leader; Christy Barnes, accompanist; Joshua Politte, lights; Todd Mahaney, sound; Jennifer Stokes, Costume Mistress; Regan Means, Kylie Womble, Ellie Womble and Beth Francis, costumes; Rose Churchill and Jason Carr, props; Jason Carr and Joshua Politte, lighting design; Jason Carr, set; Jason Carr, Rose Churchill and Darrell Cureton, set construction; Jason Carr, Hannah Politte, Sarah Politte and Annette Gratton, set painting; Rachel St. Pierre, Reagan Means and Annette Gratton, artwork; and Janna Hagerty and Jersey Hagerty, gift wrapping specialists.

Pam Clifton is a contributing writer for the Daily Journal

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