Elden Ring players discover that the sentries in the tree are chained to their horses

There isn’t much in the way of safety when it comes to riding. I mean, maybe there is, but I’ve never ridden one, so I guess you sit in a saddle and hope for the best. But Elden Ring’s Tree Sentinels get a little more safety given that they are chained to their horse’s armor. Okay, maybe that’s extreme, but it works.

Not only that, but the chains seem to magically connect the two so that whenever you hit the poor horse, the Sentinel takes a beating too. Think of it as a seat belt that kills you if you get into a car accident – in fact, I take back everything I said about good safety measures. The Land’s Between is horrible to them.


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Normally, when you break a mounted enemy’s stance, they fall immediately. The mini-bosses you find at night and the smaller enemies with their own Torrent-like mounts all fall back into the bottom and we can jump down and have an easier fight without awkwardly fumbling around trying to fight with a dagger, but there’s no such thing as something. good luck with Tree Sentinel. If you stun them, they stay together, and fans have been confusing them for a while, but u/Groomgrim put the pieces together.

Chaining to a horse isn’t ideal, but it’s probably handy if you’re in a giant heavy metal suit of armor. Waking up while carrying this would no doubt be difficult, leaving you vulnerable to attack, but it’s a FromSoftware world where giants crawl around fire bowls and a giant demigod use gravity magic to sit on a small horse – there are workarounds. But perhaps the humble knights who guard these places where we find them are not so fortunate as to have the same benefits.

However, it does raise a slightly vexing question – rather gross: Where do they end up number two? Or even number one? Is this a Master Chief armor situation where they piss in the suit itself and advanced futuristic tubes do it for them? Probably not, it’s a fantasy world in disarray. They could have giant Tree Sentinel diapers blessed by Godfrey himself. Or, more likely, there is no answer. FromSoftware probably didn’t consider the logistics of how Tree Sentinels piss.

The likely answer is that the magic chain can be unlocked and they simply hit the nearby bushes. But that’s not fun. Anyway, if Elden Ring gets DLC on the way, maybe it can take a cue from Oblivion and give us our own horse armor for Torrent, one that ties us back for a good challenge run where we never can. get off our horse. Or heck, how about someone playing Elden Ring while on a horse in real life? This is a challenge for you.

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