DVIDS – News – ‘Make yourself indispensable’: Whicker shares words of wisdom at JMC HQ

Marion Whicker recently tapped into her Midwestern roots.
The executive deputy commanding general at the US Army Materiel Command made the announcement at the Joint Munitions Command headquarters on Arsenal Island in Rock Island, Illinois.
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, Whicker, a Michigan native who currently lives and works in Huntsville, Alabama, shared words of wisdom with JMC employees about the keys to success.
“Every day you make an impression on someone and you don’t even know it,” Whicker said. “Figure out what you’re really good at and make yourself indispensable.
“You can be whatever you want to be,” Whicker added. “Every opportunity you have to make a difference, take it and do something with it — be ready when your number is called.”
Whicker has 38 years of experience as a military civilian employee to back up her advice. The 1984 Iowa Wesleyan (BA) and 2014 Central Michigan (MA) graduate began his career as a trainee in the Tank-Automotive and Armament Command. A desire to always meet the needs of the military led Whicker to become a member of the Senior Executive Service Level III ¬¬¬ — equivalent to a three-star officer.
From June 2020 to May 2021, Whicker held a temporary assignment as deputy chief of supply, production and distribution for Operation Warp Speed, which was the federal government’s response to COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, a role that Whicker was proud of the accomplishment.
Time and again, Whicker rose to the challenge in support of Army missions. Along the way, Whicker has compiled a few keys to success. Whicker’s approaches were formulated from the many leaders he met.
“Read, be resilient, be a role model and take advantage of every opportunity you get to learn,” she said.
Whicker enjoys building connections with people and encourages everyone to seek a good work-life balance. She is a mentor and role model who pushes individuals to exceed the standard.
As for her role as a supervisor, Whicker sees this as a great opportunity to help others.
“You can shape people’s lives by being a supervisor,” she said. “As a supervisor, your first goal is your people.”
Whicker admits that setbacks happen and it’s how one responds to them that matters.
“Failure should be seen as a teaching point,” she said. “Sometimes the 90% solution is OK.”
Supervisors heard Whicker speak during a morning session while employees attended an afternoon session. Whicker stressed to both groups the importance of finding a mentor, as well as being one.
“Mentoring is a two-way street,” she said. “People by nature want to help each other.”
Whicker welcomed comments and questions from each person in attendance at the two leadership development sessions he hosted, and Whicker said he found both meetings fulfilling.

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