Cowboy Bebop fan recreates opening with King of the Hill’s Cast

A new King of the Hill/Cowboy Bebop crossover video recreates the latter’s famous opening credits using clips from the latter.

A Cowboy Bebop fan just recreated the opening credits of the anime series with the cast of the animated sitcom King of the Hill.

The fanmade video was produced by YouTube channel Jacob Thomas Films. Combines handpicked clips from Hank Hill and many of the other residents of King of the HillIt is located in Arlen, Texas with a perfect recreation of it Cowboy Bebop the split screen aesthetic of the intro. This montage is set to the song “Tank!” of Seatbelts. — the same track being played in real time Cowboy Bebop opening titles.

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The King of the Hill/Cowboy Bebop nor is the mash-up the first unofficial crossover between Fox’s animated sitcom to hit YouTube in 2022. On June 6, comedian Alasdair Beckett-King posted a 20-second short called “The Return of the Lord of the Rings.” As the name suggests, The Return of the Lord of the Rings introduces Hank and his friends Dale Gribble and Boomhauer to the world of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Specifically, it stars Hank as Frodo Baggins, Dale as Boromir, and Boomhauer as Gollum, and also reimagines Peter Jackson’s production design. Lord of the Rings movies in King of the Hilldistinctive line art style.

King of the Hill Co-creators are reviving the series

Continued interest in King of the Hill 13 years after the last episode aired, it’s probably what encouraged Bandera Entertainment to announce in January 2022 that the series is returning. The King of the Hill the revival will be helmed by original series co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, who also founded Bandera Entertainment. Production is reportedly in the early stages of development, and Judge and Daniels remain tight-lipped about plot, character and casting details. That said, given Bandera’s King of the Hill The show is reportedly a sequel to its Fox predecessor rather than a reboot, reportedly set to pick up sometime after the original series finale “To Sirloin with Love.”

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What is known for sure is that the king of HillHis return will not happen at Fox. “That’s not going to be with Fox,” Fox Entertainment chairman Michael Thorn said in a recent interview. “We love that team and we love the show. It’s obviously part of our animation heritage. But we’re really focusing on animation and launching the next wave of our signature animated series while still having our legacy shows. “

All 13 seasons of King of the Hill are currently streaming on Disney+. The revived series does not yet have a release date or platform.

Source: YouTube

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