Collin Gosselin Reveals When He Last Spoke To 7 Brothers

Collin Gosselin reveals last time he spoke to his 7 siblings following parents' split - 'I don't want to invade their space' 298
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In terms of speech? Collin Gosselin revealed the last time he spoke to most of his brothers and sisters, following their parents, John and Kate Gosselin2009 breakup.

“I haven’t talked to my brothers in five or six years,” Collin, 18, said. Entertainment tonight in an interview published on Monday, November 28. “It’s hard”.

Collin is one of the former couple’s sextuplets, which also include Hannah, Aaden, Joel, th and Alexis. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 graduates also have 22-year-old twins, Carry and Madelyn.

We weekly broke the news in May 2009 that Jon, now 45, had been unfaithful. Kate, 47, filed for divorce the following month.

The teenager – who has been living with his father since 2018 – explained that he is in a relationship with sister Hannah, who also moved in with Jon a few years ago.

“I would do anything for my sister. We don’t call [each other] a lot because…he has better things to do than call me, but whenever he reaches out to me, it makes my day. I love her to death,” Collin said. “Hannah, she’s a big part of my emotional support. It helped me a lot and it still does today. [She] he still does so much for me.”

Collin noted that after his mother institutionalized him in 2016 for behavioral issues, his relationship with her and the rest of his siblings became strained.

“I didn’t contact them, they didn’t contact me,” he told the press. “I want to respect their space and time and respect how they feel about everything, so I’m just waiting for the day they arrive. I don’t want to reach out. I don’t want to invade their space. I prefer to let them do it on their own terms.”

The child star revealed that she loves her siblings and would like them to “get together one day” have a meal and “catch up on the things we’ve lost”.

He said that despite the children’s ups and downs with their parents, the former reality star would happily reconnect with his brothers and sisters.

“I would be willing to put my parents aside and I did. In my eyes, it’s me and my brothers. I love them to death,” Collin confessed while holding back tears. “I love them so much. The way I see it, with no parents involved, it’s just me and them. I really hope that one day when I have kids, my kids will know their aunts and uncles.”

The former TV personality pointed out: “We were all so close” when we were filming Jon & Kate Plus 8. “I’d love to see them all…I hope they’re doing well,” Collin added. “I hope they live the lives they want and are happy.”

While the young adult would like to put the past behind him and his siblings, when it comes to his mother, he’s not quite ready to mend fences.

“After what it was [at Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute], I didn’t have a relationship with her,” Collin recalled Monday. “Even before [being] there, I don’t think we had much of a relationship, and I think that just continued to destroy it even more.”

He concluded: “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have a relationship. I think every son wants to have a relationship with his mother. But I’m doing really well.”

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