Bristol 24/7 is appealing for more cash to fund the journalist

Valentina Hernandez GomezA City news site is seeking new funding for a specialist journalism role.

Bristol 24/7 is looking for a new sponsor for the climate and sustainability editor post it created earlier this year after receiving £5,000 from NatWest.

Valentina Hernández Gómez was recruited for the role earlier this year thanks to the investment, which paid for the part-time position for the first six months.

Now B24/7 is appealing for new sponsors to come forward to continue funding Valentina’s work.

Meg Houghton Gilmour, the site’s community and partnerships manager, said: “Our members were some of the first people to tell us they wanted to focus more on climate in our coverage.

“We are incredibly grateful that our community of members, together with support from NatWest, has made this possible.”

“What I appreciate about Valentina’s role is that it gives us an opportunity to put a local lens on global issues.

“We can see how problems that seem too big and sometimes far away affect us locally and – perhaps more importantly – what we can do about them.”

In addition to reporting, Valentina’s role has led to writing op-eds to host podcasts, being a keynote speaker at the B24/7 membership meeting, and being invited to town-wide talks.

Valentina, pictured, said: “I feel honored to carry this responsibility. I’ve really enjoyed my role as climate and sustainability editor in a city like Bristol, with so much to do environmentally but a long way to go.

“Grassroots organizations and community initiatives are continuously championing change, and if things continue like this, the future certainly looks bright.”

Matt Hatcher, from the board of NatWest South West, told B24/7: “The impact of the appointment of Bristol 24/7 climate and sustainability editor was both immediate and huge.

“The stories Valentina has led in this role have shined a new spotlight on climate and sustainability issues affecting the region and, just as importantly, the disruptors and entrepreneurs who are pioneering ways to challenge them.

“The climate is a massive priority for us as a bank and we want to support more companies and people making a difference today for a greener tomorrow.

“That’s why we felt it was so important to support B24/7’s ambition to appoint a climate and sustainability editor; a role that supports the city’s ambition to generate positive change.”

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