Are you a victim of an abusive relationship? These signs will help you identify

When we are in love, we often move forward accepting the wrong behavior and toxic relationship with ourselves. Many times people think of doing something about the mental and physical abuse that happens to them, but the hope of a positive change in their partner’s behavior always stops them from doing so. Each time, the partner’s forgiving behavior makes the situation worse.

Are you in a “happily ever after” relationship? Look for these 10 “red flags” before making a decision

In such a situation, it is important to know that it is a wrong decision to silently tolerate the atrocities happening emotionally. Such emotional tyranny in a relationship sometimes becomes the cause of NPD, i.e. narcissistic personality disorder, which can damage your mental health for a lifetime.

Here are some points that will help you recognize mental harassment in your relationship at the right time:

You feel inferior all the time- When you think of doing something new in your life and discuss it with your partner, then expect your partner to motivate you and give you the courage to go ahead. But if your partner keeps discouraging you from everything or ignoring you, then you should be careful. The relationship is considered normal only when they encourage each other and are happy with each other’s achievements.

complaining all the time… A little complaining is normal, but if your partner criticizes you all the time, it can be disrespectful. This can upset you emotionally. In such a situation, if you keep getting complaints about your clothes, make-up, looks, weight, behavior, then it’s not normal. In such a situation, talk to your partner and tell him your feelings.

Ignoring feelings- Every person enters into a relationship just because they need someone to understand and sympathize with them, but if your partner is not with you at the time of your need, then you need to get out of that relationship. he should think about it.

Discord all the time – Fighting is common between couples but if you are fighting all the time and the relationship is getting worse than yesterday then you need to think about your relationship once because no partner can bother their partner for a long time. you can see

Blame- In your relationship, if you always find yourself on the back foot and are responsible for every mistake, then you should understand that emotional torture is happening to you. In such a situation, share your opinion with your partner and keep an open mind about the future with him.

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