Antonio Banderas ignites a debate after naming Tom Holland ‘Zorro’ as the reboot’s successor

Tom Holland as Spider-Man

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The vigilante Zorro could be back on screens again – now with a totally different actor at the helm.

Antonio Banderas as Zorro
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The zorro film series, starring Antonio Banderas as Zorro/Alejandro Murrieta, may return to the silver screen again, despite the fact that there hasn’t been a film in his franchise recently. Banderas hasn’t starred on screen as the beloved character since 2005 The Legend of Zorro, further The Mask of Zorro (1998) that started the iconic zorro franchise. But if the Spanish native and Shrek– franchise Puss in Boots (2011) star has something to say about it, a certain actor who might find himself wearing a different mask.


Created by Johnston McCulley and directed by Martin Campbell, The Mask of Zorro debuted in the late ’90s to critical and commercial success, cementing Antonio Banderas into cultural relevance as the masked crusader, Zorro. The story follows in a sense from the silent Western films of the 1920s such as Zorro’s sign (1920), depicting a masked man who assumed the role of secret vigilante in 19th-century Spanish California, rescuing the commoners and indigenous peoples of the area from corrupt officials and other villains.

Zorro sign poster
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In the 1998 version starring Banderas, Zorro’s mantle is passed on from Anthony Hopkins’ older character Don Diego de la Vega—a nod to those earlier films and the original pulp fiction character. This sets the precedent for the “Zorro” title to be passed down in the first place – not unlike other superhero mantles such as DC’s Batman or Marvel Studios’ Captain America (yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe replaced Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) as Cap). Joining this classic 90s ride are Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena Montero, Stuart Wilson as Don Rafael Montero, Matt Letscher as Captain Harrison Love, Tony Amendola as Don Luiz, Pedro Armendáriz, Jr. as Don Pedro and Victor Rivers . as Joaquin Murrieta.

Speaking exclusively to, Antonio Banderas now addresses the possibility of a zorro restart — including switching zorro torch:

Yes, I would, I would consider that possibility, why not? If they called me to do “Zorro,” I would do what Anthony Hopkins did for me, which is to pass the torch.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Victor
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Who does Antonio Banderas have in mind, though? The answer has sparked intense debate, particularly regarding the .

The 62-year-old actor recently voiced his opinion on who could take over the role of Zorro — and according to Variety’s coverage, it was Tom Holland’s performance in the recent film. Unexplored, undiscovered, unfamiliar (2022) movie that inspired these words:

I did “Uncharted” with him and he’s so energetic and fun. He has that spark too. Why not?

And with those words, the internet caught fire — as did several other celebrities who came forward with their own ideas.

Tom Holland as Peter Parker
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Many had their say on this decision by Banderas, with Twitter user Troy Lundquist commenting on the choice of the British native Holland to take on the role of a Mexican hero in early America/California:

… I’m sorry, you want the British white kid to be the Mexican hero?

While @hatorl agrees, offering many other possible casting options, including recent ones Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) stars Tenoch Huerta Mejía (Namor):

In a world of Pedro Pascal, Diego Luna, Óscar Isaac, Tenoch Huerta, Gael Garcia Bernal and many others… Antonio Banderas chose a British white boy… 🤦🏻‍♀️

Celebrities also started responding to the articles and the general debate. Vico Ortiz, a Puerto Rican actor who plays the popular Jim Jimenez on HBO’s wildly popular office comedy/rom-com, Our flag means death. The period comedy features (ex?) co-captains Blackbeard/Edward Teach (Taika Waititi) and The Gentleman Pirate/Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and is not too far from zorro in the “flowy shirts and wide-brimmed hats” and “time period” department:

But what about… me? 😏

Fan Erin Christian shared the following Zorro-esque images of Ortiz, saying:

I mean, yes, please

While the new Marvel Cinematic Universe hawk Danny Ramirez, who will replace Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, also addresses Banderas:

Antonio Banderas let’s talk…

It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of aspiring Latino actors to take on the iconic role of Zorro — but only time will tell if we’ll see Spider-Man take on another masked hero.

What do you think of Tom Holland as Zorro? Who else could play the part? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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