AJ Cook has “considered” that he won’t be returning without his on-screen best friend Matthew Gray Gubler

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau and Spencer Reid had one of the sweetest friendships Criminal minds. The BAU agents kept in touch throughout the show’s 15 seasons, and JJ even confessed his love for Reid once. JJ and Reid’s friendship is sorely missed Criminal Minds: Evolution, but unfortunately Reid actor Matthew Gray Gubler was unable to join the revival. Apparently actor JJ AJ Cook almost turned her down too.

Criminal Minds stars Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid and AJ Cook as JJ, facing off by a bar and smiling while wearing a tuxedo and red dress
Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid and AJ Cook as JJ in “Criminal Minds” | Cliff Lipson/CBS

Why isn’t Matthew Gray Gubler in ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’?

Gubler played brilliant special agent Spencer Reid for all 15 seasons Criminal minds. However, he opted not to return for the revival on Paramount+. The premiere episode confirms that Reid is still working for the FBI, but is away on a confidential mission.

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