6 Key Netflix Viewing Control Features Parents Need to Know

Kathleen A. Llemit – Philstar.com

November 28, 2022 | 18:25

MANILA, Philippines – Most parents know by now that they can control their kids’ Netflix viewing habits by creating a child profile and enabling PIN Parental Controls.

But, there are four more features and measures parents can use to protect their children from inappropriate content.

These were discussed at the recent Responsableng Panonood session as a way to bring awareness to the Motion Picture and Television Rating and Classification Board (MTRCB) program of the same name. The government’s ratings board has been working with the streaming giant, which has continuously worked on key features that focus on child-friendly content and access control.

“MTRCB’s primary goal is to protect Filipino children from content that is inappropriate for their age. We want to fulfill our role as protectors of the youth without causing an undue disadvantage to the creative industry,” said newly appointed MTRCB Chair Lala Sotto.

She cited a report by Digital 2021, which found that Filipinos between the ages of 16 and 64 spend an average of 10 hours and 27 minutes every day on the Internet.

With these findings, Sotto complimented the efforts Netflix has made in creating tools that help parents control and guard their children’s viewing habits.

Here are the six parental control features on Netflix that parents should know about by now.

1. Create a child profile

This should be a must, as this will ensure that a separate portal with a curated list of shows, including an attractive mystery box for recommended age-appropriate titles, is created for children. To get started, go to the Manage Profile page by clicking “More” in the app. Create the Kids Profile and select the Netflix Kids Experience for children 12 and under.

2. Enable Parental Pin Lock

Kids are tech savvy, so much so that most of them know their way around any smart device. After all, their generation has only known smart technology as a way to learn and play. Thus, it is a must for parents and guardians that they have the advantage of accessing their children’s streaming profile.

This can be done by setting a four-digit postal code number (PIN) in the Profile and parental control settings. Click the Profile Lock setting, then enter your Netflix account password to continue. Enter your preferred four-digit PIN. To make your parent or adult profile more secure, click Require Parent’s PIN, which will require the four-digit PIN for anyone who wants to create a new profile. This step will ensure that that tech-savvy kid can’t create a new profile unless they know the four-digit PIN. So, parents only now have to be vigilant that they will not intentionally or accidentally slip the four-digit PIN.

3. Set profile maturity ratings

This gives parents and guardians a way to take ongoing control over the content that appears on their children’s account. This feature allows for control over age-appropriate titles even as children get older.

To set this up, go to your Account Settings and edit Viewing Restrictions for your account. The child profile defaults to age 7+. Once your Netflix account password is given, select the appropriate rating for your profile. Options include All, 7+, 13+, 16+ and 18+.

4. Filter the title of the TV or series

It’s a safe bet that most parents and guardians are unaware of this feature. Many of the trending titles and shows on Netflix have more mature themes that fall between the 16+ and 18+ age range, with themes such as sex, drugs and violence. It’s not hard to assume that kids have heard of these trending shows on their social media accounts.

Parents and guardians can take control by entering the specific title of movies and shows to be banned or strictly banned in the Kids Profile. To do this, go to the Account page and change the Viewing Restrictions setting. Under Title Restrictions, enter all the names of the shows and movies you want to restrict. Save this preference.

5. Know your child’s viewing history

Any responsible parent would monitor their children’s viewing activity. It is not tracking when it is only in the best interests of the child so that parents/guardians know that appropriate content is being viewed. Go to the Account Page, then open the Profile and Parental Controls setting from the Child’s Profile. Open the View activity, which will start loading from the most recently viewed one.

6. Stay up to date and print coloring activities with bi-weekly emails

The streaming site has many areas covered in its attempt to get parents to know their children’s viewing habits. Parents or guardians can receive bi-weekly emails notifying their children’s viewing habits as well as learning about their interests.

The bi-weekly email not only monitors your streaming activities, but also provides curated title recommendations. As an added bonus, the email provides a link to downloadable, printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by your child’s favorite TV show characters. This way, kids and their parents or guardians can bond over some coloring activities.

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