5 foods to prevent hair loss

Everyone wants to have thick hair, be it male or female. But due to changing weather, lifestyle and eating habits, hair related problems also occur. Apart from dandruff, hair starts to fall out badly. Now the problem of baldness has also increased among people. What people don’t do to prevent hair loss. From hair loss treatment to home remedies and hair transplants. But do not pay attention to the diet. If you change your diet to include those things that help prevent hair fall, then all your tension and worries will disappear.

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Today, we will tell you what you should eat and prevention in order not to stop hair loss:

Protein- Protein and biotin are most important for hair health. Both elements not only prevent hair loss, but also help in hair growth. And both of these elements are abundant in eggs. That’s why definitely include eggs in your diet. In addition to protein, eggs also contain zinc and selenium, which are very important for hair. Biotin helps produce a protein called keratin, which is a type of hair protein.

Spinach- Spinach contains elements such as vitamin A, C, iron and folic acid which help in hair growth and prevent hair loss. Vitamin A present in spinach is helpful in the production of sebum present in the skin gland. Sebum helps hydrate the scalp and keep it healthy.

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes – Carrots and sweet potatoes also stop hair loss. Vitamin A present in them helps in hair growth as well as strengthening it.

Oat- So far you must have used oats only as a weight loss recipe, but it is also useful in preventing hair loss. Oats contain zinc, iron, omega-6 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which along with hair growth, are also helpful in making it long and thick.

Walnut- Not only does walnut help relieve joint pain, but it is also very healthy for your hair. Contains biotin, vitamins B1, B6 and B9, E, magnesium and proteins that take care of hair health.

Causes of hair loss:

  • There are many reasons for hair loss. It’s genetic in many people, so sometimes hair loss starts with food and drink. Do not eat things that cause allergies. Apart from this, avoid eating alkaline and acidic foods.
  • Sugar also causes hair loss. Experts believe that sugar produces insulin and the male hormone androgen, which shrinks hair follicles and leads to hair loss. Although research is still ongoing in this regard.
  • Eating fried things also causes hair loss. Testosterone hormone level increases excessively due to fatty things, due to which male pattern baldness occurs.

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